For farmers and people who want to participate

If you are interested in being in our database of people who are interested in participation, fill out our registration form. (in Czech)
You can also register using our e-mail: info@farmarsketrziste.cz.

Frequently asked questions:  
IS THERE A FREE SPOT AVAILABLE? By filling out the form or sending us an e-mail, you are registering into our database. Please, describe your products and present yourself. If you don’t get a reply from us in 1 month, it means we do not have space for your products in the market at the moment. If this changes, we will contact you.

WHAT IS THE FEE FOR RENTING A STAND? This depends on the size of your shop, the type of products you have (if you are a farmer, you will have a cheaper price than a place with refreshments for the same space). It depends if you need electricity and other amenities. Charity projects do not pay a fee, we will pay everything for them, including the rent that we pay to the city of Prague.

WHAT TYPES OF PRODUCTS CAN I SELL? We are a farmer’s market and our goal is to support farmers and small food manufacturers. On a smaller scale, we also accepts refreshment stands or handmade products. Foreign farmer’s products can be sold if you agree on it with the market’s management. We are limited in the amount of foreign products we sell by the Kodex of Asociace farmářských tržišť (The Association of Farmer’s Markets). We don’t accept shops that have a much higher price than the usual price of the products that they are selling.


How do I start? What can I sell?
You will sign a contract with us. We will also need the price list of your products. If you want to change the products that you are selling, you need to have the permission from the market’s management. You need to get this permission before you bring your new products to the market. You cannot sell wholesale products, it is a violation of the contract.

Who can sell?
Only the farmer or the producer, or a seller who has a written permission from him. The seller has to show this written permission as well as an ID if asked by the management. .

The sellers have their own stands. They bring it, set it up and take it apart themselves at the end of the day. We recommend something clean, esthetically pleasing and from a natural material. The stand has to be clean.

The usage of electricity has to be agreed on in the contract. All apliances used must have valid revisions.

The market rules for download (in Czech):

Are you selling or do you want to sell your products at the farmer’s market?

Then you have to follow the rules of food safety and food quality, as well as these five rules:

  1. Unpackaged food must be protected from dust, touching the floor, the buyers (they cannot touch the food, sneeze or cough on it…) and from contact with the seller (it is ideal to use tongs or gloves).
  2. The area of the stand where the products are put on and displayed, must be washable and kept clean.
  3. Food that has to be cooled (meat, meat and milk products, cheese, milk, fresh juices, fish, cakes…) have to be kept in a cooling appliance.
  4. While selling unpackaged food, drinkable water must be provided (to wash hands, the area where the products are displayed…). When selling products that have to be cut (cakes, meat, cheeses…) have enough warm water and drinkable water.
  5. Have access to sanitary facilities.

There are more rules, contact the inspectorate in the place where you are planning to sell – they will help you and tell you what you have to improve:

  • Prague, Central Bohemian region – Regional Inspectorate in Prague, Phone: 257 199 511, e-mail: praha@szpi.gov.cz
  • South Bohemian region, Vysočina region – Regional Inspectorate in Tábor, Phone: 381 200 021, e-mail: tabor@szpi.gov.cz
  • Plzeň region, Karlovy Vary region – Regional Inspectorate in Plzeň, Phone: 377 433 411, e-mail: plzen@szpi.gov.cz
  • Ústí nad Labem region, Liberec region – Regional Inspectorate in Ústí nad Labem, Phone: 475 317 071, e-mail: usti@szpi.gov.cz
  • Hradec Králové region, Pardubice region – Regional Inspectorate in Hradec Králové, Phone: 495 454 110, e-mail: hradec@szpi.gov.cz
  • South Moravian region, Zlín region – Regional Inspectorate in Brno, Phone: 542 426 611, e-mail: brno@szpi.gov.cz
  • Olomouc region, Moravian-Silesian region – Regional Inspectorate in Olomouc, Phone: 585 151 511, e-mail: olomouc@szpi.gov.cz

Don’t forget:
you have to be registered with the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority to legally sell your products. Registration forms available here (in Czech):

It is also available on www.szpi.gov.cz/en.

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