Farmer’s Market Codex

Archetyp association, who organises and runs the Náplavka, Heřmaňák and Kubáň farmer’s markets, is also one of the founding members and the current chairman of the Czech Association of Farmer’s Markets. As a member of the Czech AFM, they must follow this codex.

A farmer’s market organised by a member of the AFM must fulfil these requirements:

1.       Farmer’s market (“FM”) is mainly a place for selling food. Non-food products cannot make up more than 10% of the total selling places at the market. Non-food products are all handmade products of any craft type with a proven author. Members of AFM must prefer products and produce that are Czech.

2.       FM organised by a member of AFM must be clearly labelled with the logo of the association, and the buyers should be informed about the membership of the organizer in the association (through websites, the market, advertising materials of the market…)

3.       FM has market rules that have been approved by relevant public bodies. FM takes place at a location that is easily accessible by car, on foot, with public transport, or on bicycle.

4.       It is not acceptable for members of AFM to hold FM inside shopping centres (also applies to parking lots and other areas in the vicinity of shopping centres).

5.       FM must have at least 10 seller spots with food products in line with this Codex, and must be held at least once every 2 months.

6.       Sellers are verified by the organizers of the FM, and have all the necessary documents for retail trade.

7.       The sellers respect all legal guidelines related to retail trade.

8.       FM are organised as a place for selling food products, refreshments, and crafts, as well as means to provide a pleasant place for meeting people and social interaction.

Characteristics of food products sold at the market

1.       Products sold at the market come from the farmer, manufacturer, or author (“producer”), who guarantees that the products are from their own source and can prove this source if asked.

2.       If the producer is not selling the products at the market themselves, they can be represented by a seller with written authorisation from the producer. They have to have access to the documents about the source of the products they are selling.

3.       Food products have to make up at least 90% of the goods being offered at the AFM FM.

4.       The organiser of FM prefers producers from the local region.

5.       Due to the social function of the FM, charities and non-profit organizations, especially local ones, can be allowed to attend the FM, as supplementary elements to the market. They can present their activities or take part in the market by selling.

6.       Food products from the region must make up at least 50% of the products sold at the market (with the exception of Prague).

7.       It is also possible to have foreign products as supplementary, and the amount of foreign sellers must remain under 10% of the total food product stalls. Stalls selling refreshments are not considered as stalls selling food products. Refreshment stalls can use foreign products as ingredients, without being considered foreign food product sellers.

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