Stop single-use packaging

The farmer’s markets are trying to promote a positive relationship with the environment, natural resources and the local community. In the Czech Republic, almost a quarter of a million tons of plastics are thrown away each year, and this number is on the rise. That is why we decided to recycle the waste from our market, but mainly, try to produce less waste.

At farmer’s market Heřmaňák, you can even bring your own packaging!

If you bring your own cup, you can get a 5 Kč discount when getting coffee from Alchymista.

Here are some other tips for packaging to bring:

  • Egg cartons
    • To reuse for buying eggs
    • Bring dried eggshells and give them to the farmers, who will give them to the hens for calcium
  • Cloth bags
    • For baked goods, dry goods, potatoes and root vegetables
  • Bottles
    • For freshly-pressed juice, oils
  • Aluminium
    • For meat, meat products, or other products that would get paper oily
    • You can wash the aluminium foil and reuse it
  • Glass jars
    • For honey (boil it first!), muesli, nuts, olives, spices, soups…
  • Baskets
    • For fragile vegetables and lettuce
  • Light bags
    • For everything! If you carry light reusable bags at the bottom of your bag, you will never have to buy plastic bags again.
  • Tupperware boxes
    • For cakes, baked goods, quiches, meat, meat products, refreshments…
  • Thermal mug
    • For coffee, mulled wine, or freshly-pressed apple juice

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