Farmer's Market Náplavka

Saturday, September 3
the farmer’s market at Náplavka will offer fresh food from Czech farmers and producers, coffee from baristas, and toast with pesto

Right at the beginning of the market, be sure to stop by MRIYA charity stand, where you can try different Ukranian specialties, or buy embroidered toys and accessories.

Proceeds will help support Ukranian mothers and children.

The market will be open every Saturday from 8:00 until 14:00.

Jančařík shoes is back with his custom-made ballet flats and winter boots. Květuška’s Garden is back with toasted bread with pesto. Meat Střímelice has also come back.

At the market, you will find the stands of the following sellers:


Charitable organisations

MRIYA UA - Ukranian specialties (vareniki with mushrooms, meat, or fruit, borscht, golubci, lemonade), proceeds will help Ukranian mothers and children

MÁŠA’S STUFFED TOYS - hand-crocheted cute toys, you will be able to find her at the Marmalades with a Story stand.

Meat, meat products

EXTRA SUCHÉ (EXTRA DRY) - extra dry dried meat – beef jerky – normal, spicy, chilli, turkey jerky – normal and spicy

RUDOLEC FARM - matured beef, lamb, veal, pork, venison, meat delicacies and cheeses from mountain farm Abertamy – made from cow’s, sheep, and goat’s milk

NAŠE DIVOČINA – VENISON - smoked venison, moufflon, or boar sausages, different types of salami and sausages, venison ham and pâtés

BUTCHER’S KVARDA - premium quality meat products, venison specialties

MEAT STŘÍMELICE - sausages, bratwurst, smoked meat, blood sausage, brawn, salami, patés

Poultry, eggs

KOBYLNICE FARMSTEAD - free-range eggs

DUCK FARM HOLÝŠOV - slow-grown chicken, duck and roosters, during autumn – goose, guinea fowl, hens

TURKEY FARM NOVÝ DVŮR - turkey meat and meat products

EGGS KUBÁTOVI - free-range eggs from the Jezero farm near Benešov


FISH HOUSE - chilled saltwater fish and seafood

Milk, milk products, butter, cheese

FARM DRŽOVICE - fresh and matured cheeses and cream cheese, yoghurt and milk – goat’s, sheep’s, or cow’s

GOAT FARM POD KŘÍŽKEM - fresh cheeses, kefirs, yoghurts, cheeses in salt brine – jadel, feta, Balkan cheese, matured gouda and cheddar made from goat’s and cow’s milk

LIBEREČÁK – STEAMED CHEESE - steamed cheeses and cheese strings from cow’s milk

MILK KRASOLESÍ - cheeses – cow’s and goat, fresh and matured, different types of French-style mouldy cheeses, cream cheese, yoghurts, milk

Foreign delicacies

BAČA CHEESES - sheep cheese, žinčica (drink made of sheep milk whey), bryndza (soft sheep milk cheese), meat products, sheep yoghurt drinks, cheeses Koliba and Rajec

FLAVOUR ISLAND (OSTROV CHUTÍ) - exotic fruit: dragon fruit, mango (fresh and dried), bio avocado from their own farm at La Palma, dried bio bananas, flor de sal, sea salt, mojo sauce from the Canaries, marmalades and patés from the Gomera island, palm and chestnut honey from the Canary Islands.

HUNGARIAN DELICACIES - smoked meat, bacon, bratwurst, salami, homemade pickeld cabbge, pickled vegetables

TIROL SPECIALTIES - traditionally-made cheeses, bratwurst, bacon and other delicacies from small farmers in the Tirol region

Vegetables, fruit, herbs, mushrooms

BERRY SERVICE - strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries from Břežany, homemade jams

BLUEBERRIES FROM OHRAZENICE - Canadian blueberries from orchards near Příbram

KAROLNÍKA’S HONEY, MUSHROOMS AND HERBS - forest mushrooms – fresh, dried and pickled, forest fruit and herbs, honey

KRÁLIČEK’S BIOVEGETABLES - bio vegetables – celeriac, carrots, beans, leek, Hokkaido pumpkin, peppers, chilli peppers, potatoes, beetroot, courgette, and tomatoes

BERRY COOPERATIVE - raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries

FRUIT PLOSKOVICE - fruit from an ecological farm. According to season – pears, apples, strawberries, cherries, apricots, plums, redcurrant, dried apples, as well as fruit juices

ORCHARDS TOČNÍK - plums, plum jam, jams from an ecological orchard

VEGETABLES KUZÍNOVÁ - cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, beetroot, lettuce, broccoli, pattypan squash, peas, peppers, tomatoes, kohlrabi…

VEGETABLES OVČÁRY - seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce

VEGETABLES ŠŤASTNÁ - seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce

VEGETABLES TRAVČICE - seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce

AGRICULTURE JAKUBCOVI - seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce


GARDENISTA - beautiful flowers from Stehelčeves

FLOWERS BYSTRÁ - fresh flowers from the Bystrý family from Dřísy

FLOWERS FROM PEPA - bouquets and decorations from a florist atelier

MOLHANEC GARDENS - flowers, vegetables, and fruit from their own garden

Baked goods, cakes, flour

WHOLEWHEAT AND GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY DVORNÍK - wholegrain and gluten-free baked goods, kolache, quiches, and breads, salty refreshments

BAKERY LINHARTOVÁ - huge bread from Mšeno, fruit kolache

BAKERY KEJVAL - bread, kolache, white bread, flatbread, rolls, dumplings

BAKERY LOUSKÁČEK - great sweet kolache and salty quiches

PITA BREAD & HUMMUS - homemade pita bread from Jirny, delicious hummus

OLD BOHEMIAN BAKERY - kolache and stuffed buns from leavened dough

TRADITIONAL PAGÁČKY - traditional pagáčky (Slovakian patties), a long process of leavening and layering the dough with greaves, cabbage, bacon or olives, sweet Bratislava rolls

Cakes, desserts, chocolate

AMO CAKES - homemade desserts, fresh orange juice

PERNÍČKOVI - fresh gingerbread – with marzipan, nougat, nuts, dried fruit, with a chocolate, lemon, or rum sauce on top, or topped with plum jam, gingerbread Swiss roll, honey and poppy seed Swiss roll, traybake gingerbread, decorated gingerbread

PETRISIMO - sweet or savoury kolache, cheesecake, macaroons, profiteroles, hummus

TEN ŠTRŮDL (THE STRUDEL) - strudels and freshly-friend vdolky (a Czech-style donut) and potato patties

Delicacies, jams, herbs, pesto, oils, pasta

FILIFILI - mustards, hot dogs

HANYS OIL - natural premium quality oils, cold-pressed – poppy, flax, rape, sunflower, pumpkin seed, milk thistle, hemp, mustard seed and salad oils. Green virgin olive oil Kalamata. Greek olives Kalamata with seeds in, green mammoth olives with seeds in herbs, green mammoth olives with chili peppers and black Facon olives with seeds.

KVĚTUŠKA’S GARDEN - seasonal fresh pesto from herbs from Kokovice, toast with pesto – wild garlic, parsley, basil, chives, coriander, sage, lovage, horseradish, dill, nettle

MAMA’S AJVARY - traditional Balkan ajvars, ljutenica (a vegetable relish or chutney), pickled vegetables and fruit from Macedonia, cabbage soup from Hrejkovice cabbage

MARMALADES WITH A STORY - handmade jams, marmalades, teas, chutneys, pesto, pickled vegetables, sweet and sour pickles, flavoured oils

RYCHLOVKA READY MEALS - ready meals in glass jars

STAND U DVOU KOZ - herbal syrups – elderberry, dandelion, thyme, mint, gingko & yerba mate, hibiscus, lavender, ginger, lime-tree, plantain, cinnamon and other seasonal syrups.

Honey, mead, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, spices

CANNA ROOMZ CBD - CBD coffee, drops, oils and cannabis cosmetics

CEYLON SPICES CZ - mport and processing of high-quality herbs – different types of spices and spice mixes, essential oils, herbs from Crete, coconut products, masala chai, chocolate from Madagascar

MANDLOVÁ – ALMONDS - freshly-roasted almonds, flavours – cinnamon, Japanese Ume vinegar, herbs and Himalayan salt, or unflavoured

MANUKA HONEY - Manukaczech honey, cosmetics with Manuka honey, skin cream, gel to help with wound healing, flower honey

MORE THAN NUTS - baclava, nuts, seeds, and products made from them, chocolate, cocoa, candy, legumes, dried fruit, roasted nuts, nut and fruit mixes…

Drinks, juices

BURČÁK - YOUNG WINE – burčák (Czech young wine) from the Sadek Kojetice winery in Moravia

FRESH-JUICES - freshly pressed juices from seasonal vegetables and fruit (apples, pears, carrots, beetroot, cucumbers), herbs, berries and exotic fruit in combination with apple juice

HORÁCKÝ PIVOVAR BREWERY - beer from a Jihlava brewery

JZT FERMENTS - natural, delicious and healthy kombucha – a fermented drink made from tea, contains probiotics

MINIMAL DELICATO - burčák (young wine) from Hustopeč, red and white mulled wine, lemonades from fruit syrups

DRYKK JUICES - freshly-pressed apple juice, warm apple juice, apple juice slushies, apple cider vinegar

BLACKCURRANT WINE - famous wine from blackcurrants

WINERY KRŮZA - different wine, Moravian wine from the Pálava region

Refreshments, coffee, tea

ALEGRE COFFEE - coffee straight from farmers in Costa Rica, Indonesia (BIO), Kenya, India, Guatemala, and other countries

KAPKAFE - café

KOFI-KOFI - warm coffee and chocolate drinks and teas, during summer – iced coffee specialties

BALKAN GRILL - Balkan burger, burek, grilled vegetables, courgette and aubergine with a dressing, chicken skewers, homemade spinach pita bread, homemade cake

FISH HOUSE GRILL - grilled calamari, shrimp, octopus, mussels

GRILLED BRATWURST AND OPATOV BREAD - grilled sausages and bratwurst, salami and meat products, Opatov bread

ŇAM ŇAM - fresh homemade pasta with seasonal sauces, Moravian wine from Winery Petratour to pair with the meal. Sweet treats, strudels, cakes and coffee in the morning

PRAGREENS - microgreens, smoothies, fresh juices and sandwiches

RACLETTE U SÝRÁKŮ - cheese bistro

RESTAURANT PODOLKA - vegetarian refreshments, chutney, hummus, quiche, sushi, soup, teas, syrups

TOPINKARIUM - freshly-baked toast with homemade spreads


CERAMICS MARTIN POŠ - ceramics and porcelain

CHILDREN’S CLOTHING MARKÉTA - children’s clothing and accessories

JANČAŘÍK SHOES - hand-made custom shoes

BASKETS - baskets and other woven goods

STONE ON AN ANVIL - the blacksmith craft – small gifts and jewellery from metal and rocks

JEWELLERY OLGA DETKINA - jewellery from rocks, metal and glass

SOAP ŠAFRÁN - natural soap, shampoo bars, bath bombs, bath salts, conditioner bars, lip balm, laundry products

COOKIE CUTTERS AND MOULDS - cookie cutters and moulds, cake and Bundt cake moulds, decorating accessories, cookie cutters, and all sorts of baking accessories

HAPPY CARDS (RADOST PŘÁNÍČKEM) - paper cards with original designs

Upcoming events