Farmer's Market Náplavka

Náplavka – February 19 – the farmer’s market is cancelled due to the ongoing repairs near the river bank.

Dear friends, the tram lines and roads at Rašínovo nábřeží are currently being repaired. This means that the cars are being diverted down to Náplavka. We went to check the situation out today, seeing if there is enough space to still organise the market closer to the railway bridge. However, the river bank is disrupted down there too, so we will have to cancel the farmer’s market on Saturday, February 19.

This is due to the safety of people and the products that are sold at the market. The market will be cancelled for the whole time of the refurbishment.

Please do not be sad, we are trying to come up with an alternative for the next few weeks. We will let you know once we have something planned!

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–          Flowers Gardenista and Střímelice meat products will be at Kubáň on Saturday, February 19 (Prague 10, Kubáňské náměstí, open from 8:00 to 14:00), more info here: https://www.farmarsketrziste.cz/en/2821/kuban-february-19-wreaths-and-tarts-zazvoruj-ginger-products-meat-products-from-tismice-grilled-ostiepok-cheese-vegetables-freshly-pressed-juice-fruit-honey

–          Milk Krasolesí, Butcher’s Kvards and eggs from Mr. Vesecký will be at Heřmaňák on Saturday, February 19 (Prague 7, Řezáčovo náměstí, open from 9:00 to 14:00), more info here: https://www.farmarsketrziste.cz/en/2827/zab-hermanak-february-19-farmers-market-as-well-as-a-hog-roast-festival

Both of our other markets at Kubáň and Heřmaňák will be open and running as normal on Saturday, February 19. At Heřmaňák, there will also be a hog roast event from Butcher’s Kvarda.

Have a nice weekend!

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