Farmer's Market Náplavka

On Saturday, December 5, Farmer’s Market Náplavka will reopen.

Farmer’s Market Náplavka is back!

On Saturday, December 5, and the following Saturdays in December, you will be able to buy fresh food from Czech farms and bio farms at Farmer’s Market Náplavka in Prague 2.

From Thursday, December 3, the guidelines limiting the amount of people at farmer’s markets will be cancelled. However, shoppers still have to wear face masks, social distance and sanitize hands. It is also forbidden to drink and eat at the market. These guidelines will be in place until December 12, and then they will be reconsidered.

We would like to thank The Association of Farmer’s Markets and also several professional associations, like the Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic, The Central Bohemian Fruit-growers Union, and The Vegetable-grower Union of Bohemia and Moravia, for communicating with the government. Together, we managed to explain that Farmer’s Markets are not attractions, but a form of direct selling of food from small businesses.

Who will you find at Náplavka on December 5?

We are working on communicating with our sellers and preparing a list.

We hope you have a nice rest of your week and we thank you in advance for following the guidelines.

Yours, the Archetyp group.

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