Event Heřmaňák

Next market at Heřmaňák: November 4, 8:30 am to 1:30 pm

On Saturday, November 4, the following sellers will be at the market: Poultry farm Převýšov (chicken, rabbit, liver and giblets), zero waste dog treat stand TamarinZOO, cakes from U Andělky, the last sheep and goats cheeses as well as great ready meals from Parusových farm. The new Černíkova moštárna will offer fresh apple juices from different apple types: Ruby, Champion, Melody, Golden delicious and others. Stop by and talk to Markéta, she really knows a lot about apples and apple juices. Fish Garden is back, with its fresh fish and fish fries. One more new thing – traditional Slovakian pagáčky will now be sold at Ten Štrúdl.

A small and cosy local market with many tables to sit down in the shade of the trees. Come and get coffee with your reusable cup, as you will get a discount on barista-made coffee. You can find great vegetables, herbs, fruit from ecological orchards, bread, baked goods, bio beef, milk, yoghurts, cheeses, whey and cream cheese, garden or meadow flowers, sometimes delicacies, cakes, craftsmen and authors at Heřmaňák.


You will find the following sellers at the market:

Saturday, November 4


Vegetables and Herbs Šťastných / Basically all seasonal types of vegetables, from potatoes to aubergines. Lettuce, herbs, and Czech apples and pears.

Černíkova moštárna – juices / apple juices from different apple types – Ruby, Champion, Melody, Golden delicious and others



Atelier Lesem / wild and garden flowers, bouquets, wreaths, soy candles with flowers, embroidered gifts



Milk Rosice / milk, milk products, cheeses, pickled cheeses and yoghurts from a small milk farm, without conservatives + patés

Farm Veseckých / free-range eggs



Cakes Alchymista / coffee from great baristas, bring your own cup to get 10 Kč off

The Strudel (Ten štrúdl) / vdolky (Czech doughnuts) and strudels with savoury or sweet fillings

Shop U Andělky / cream puffs, cream pinwheels, cream rolls, pavlova cakes, kolache and other desserts from creative patisserie bakers from Vysočina



Bakery Kejval / rye bread, sourdough, rolls, koblihy (jam stuffed doughnuts), greave patties, buns, kolache, stuffed buns

Traditional pagáčky / baked goods with smoked meat, greaves, olives, cheese and more!



Meat Kvardových / great quality meat products made with traditional recipes

Parusových Farm / chilled or frozen venison (deer, boar), venison in sauce in glass jars, ragu, venison bratwurst and salami from a family farm in the Kokořínsko region

Biofarm Babiny / beef, minced beef, broth, liver, tripe soup, goulash, all in organic quality from a pasture

Fish Garden / chilled trout, salmon, lettuce and herbs from an aquaponic farm. Fried carp fries, tortilla with vegetables and grilled fish fillets.

Farm Převýšov / chicken, duck, rabbits, free-range eggs. Poultry and rabbit free-range farm.



Family Beekeeping Zwettler / a beekeeper with a golden medal – flower and paste honey, honey with different flavours – sea buckthorn, cinnamon, ginger, or strawberries

Piccola Italia / olive oil, pickled artichokes, tomato sauces, pesto, pasta, prosciutto and other meat products, all imported from small producers in Italy



Růžena Najmanová / designer children’s clothing, hoodies, skirts, blouses…

Tamarin ZOO / great quality treats and raw feeding additives, dried meat and bones. Dog food and toys from a Czech producer.

Barbora’s workshop / workshop for children, you can also buy bracelets and earrings from wooden or glass beads

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