Farmer's Market Náplavka

Next market at Náplavka: June 17, 8 am to 2 pm

On Saturday, June 17th, the farmer’s market will be moved to Palackého square again! The traditional degustation and cultural festival Pivo na Náplavce will take place down by the Vltava river. It will be a smaller market than usual, but you will still find the best of the usual sellers and products. Strawberries from Kunratice, Vegetables from Ovčáry, lettuce from the Šťastný family, butcher’s U Kvardů, Hungarian delicacies, Květuška’s garden, coffee Alegre, vegetables and flowers from Mr. Molhanec, eggs from Kubátovi, milk Krasolesí and more!

You will find the following sellers at the market:

Saturday, June 10


Meat, meat products

BUTCHERS U KVARDŮ – great quality meat products, pig-slaughter specialities


Poultry, eggs

DUCK FARM HOLÝŠOV – slow-grown chicken, duck and roosters, in the autumn – geese, guineafowl, hens

EGGS KUBÁTOVI – free-range eggs from the Jezero farm near Benešov




Milk, milk products, butter, cheese

GOAT FARM POD KŘÍŽKEM – fresh cheeses, kefirs, yoghurts, cheeses in salt brine – jadel, feta, Balkan cheese, matured gouda and cheddar made from goat’s and cow’s milk

MILK KRASOLESÍ – cheeses – cow’s and goat’s, fresh and matured, different types of French-style mouldy cheeses, cream cheese, yoghurts, milk


Foreign delicacies

HUNGARIAN DELICACIES – smoked meat, bacon, bratwurst, salami, homemade pickled cabbage, pickled vegetables


Vegetables, fruit, herbs, mushrooms

CZECH ASPARAGUS – Czech asparagus from Hostín

STRAWBERRIES KUNRATICE – fresh strawberries from Kunratice

STRAWBERRIES FROM KUNRATICE – fresh strawberries from Kunratice

FRUIT ORCHARDS KOLÍN – apples, pears, and when in season – cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches from Mr. Procházka’s orchards near Kolín

VEGETABLES OVČÁRY – seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce

VEGETABLES ŠŤASTNÁ – seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce



GARDENISTA – flowers from Stehelčeves

FLOWERS FROM PEPA – bouquets and decorations from a florist atelier

CROPS FROM MOLHANEC GARDENS – flowers, vegetables and fruit from their own garden


Baked goods, cakes, flour

BAKERY LINHARTOVÁ – huge bread from Mšeno, fruit kolache

BAKERY KEJVAL – bread, kolache, white bread, flatbread, rolls, dumplings

BAKERY LOUSKÁČEK – sweet kolache and savoury quiches

OLD BOHEMIAN BAKERY – sourdough kolache and stuffed buns (buchty)


Cakes, desserts, chocolate


Delicacies, jams, herbs, pesto, oils, pasta

DAMODARA – legume pasta and flour, soups, porridge, chickpea balls

KVĚTUŠKA’S GARDEN – fresh herbs from Kokovice, according to season. Different types of pesto – wild garlic, parsley, basil, chives, coriander, lovage, horseradish, dill, nettle.


Honey, mead, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, spices


Drinks, juices

FRESH-JUICES – freshly-pressed juices from seasonal fruit and vegetables (apples, pears, carrot, beetroot, cucumber…), herbs, berries, and exotic fruit juices combined with apple juice

BEER-WINE – great beers on tap from the Kounice brewery, a selection of the best Moravian wines, Vineries Pavlovín, Zapletal and Pfeffer


Refreshments, coffee, tea

ALEGRE COFFEE – coffee straight from farmers in Costa Rica, Indonesia (BIO), Kenya, India, Guatemala, and other countries




Charity projects


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