Farmer's Market Kubáň

Saturday, April 15 – bio beef and a new seller, offering a wide range of nuts

On Saturday, April 15, the farmer’s market at Kubáň will offer bio beef from Our Farmstead, bio milk, yoghurts, and cream cheese from the Zedníčkovi family, as well as eggs, fresh baked goods, kolache, great cream rolls, grilled fish, grilled chicken, and fragrant coffee. Of course, there will be vegetables, herbs and fruit from the Malých family and Robin Machka. To decorate your home, you can also buy flowers from Flowers Hakl.

There will also be a new seller – More than Nuts will bring a wide range of nuts and other specialities.

Mr. Kubec from Poultry farm Holýšov sends his apologies, as there is some work that has to be done at the farm and they will not be able to attend.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


You will find the following sellers at the market:


Turkey farm Brniště – fresh poultry and meat products

Will be back on April 22 – Poultry Farm Holýšov – slow-grown poultry, chicken, duck, hen

Our Farmstead (Naše hospodářství) – mature bio beef from a farm



Bio farm Zedníček – bio milk on tap, cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese and starter cultures in bio quality

Bačova salaš – traditional Slovakian sheep cheese, milk and meat products

Chouranice farm – free-range eggs, goat cheese, ricotta, fresh goat milk to order

Eggs Kosičky – barn eggs, quail eggs

Dutch Boy – a wide variety of cheeses



Vegetables Malých – fresh vegetables

Vegetables Dřísy Robin Machka – fresh vegetables, large range of lettuce, sweet potatoes, herbs, onions, tomatoes…

Vegetables Havrdovi – fresh vegetables from southern Moravia

NEW Fruit Jelínek – apples and pears from an orchard, fruit juice, dried apples, honey

Sellanomer – citrus fruit



Flowers Hakl – bouquets, potted flowers: primrose, hyacinths, daffodils…



Bakery Velíšek – sourdough rye and wheat bread, different flavours of bread – pumpkin, carrot, nut, as well as kolache, strudels

Bakery Our Bread – rye and wheat sourdough, pumpkin, carrot, and nut bread, kolache, strudels, rolls, sweet bakes

Cakeshop Karlovy Vary – kolache, cream rolls, strudels, gingerbread, cream puffs

Mum’s homemade cream rolls – homemade cream rolls



Fresh Juice – fresh unpasteurised fruit and vegetable juices

Zázvoruj (Ginger) – ginger tea with honey, ginger syrups



NEW More than Nuts – different types of nuts and other delicacies

Marmalade mill – homemade marmalades and jams



Fish Grill U Pepy – grilled zander, carp fries, smoked fish, fishcakes, sometimes vegetable pancakes

Václav Bouša – grilled chicken and pork knee

NEW Balkan cuisine – Balkan-style refreshments

Café Majada – coffee from South America: cappuccino, espresso, latté from a barista




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