Farmer's Market Náplavka

Next market at Náplavka: April 1, 8am to 2pm

Farmer’s markets take place at Náplavka every Saturday, from 8 am to 2 pm.
One of the first Prague farmer’s markets. A beautiful spot in the centre of Prague, on the paved riverbank of the Vltava river. Over 90 farmers and producers. Great quality fresh farmer’s products from verified growers, breeders and producers, local refreshments, all with a view of the Prague castle. Near the Palackého metro station, Výtoň and Palackého náměstí tram stations and a ferry dock.

You will be able to find the following sellers at the market:
Saturday, April 1

Meat, meat products
RUDOLEC FARM – matured beef, lamb, veal, pork, venison, meat delicacies and cheeses from mountain farm Abertamy – made from cow, sheep, and goat’s milk
JAMIROS JERKY – handmade jerky, freeze-dried cheeses and seasonal fruit
NAŠE DIVOČINA – VENISON – smoked venison, moufflon, or boar sausages, different types of salami and sausages, venison ham and pâtés
BUTCHER’S KVARDA – premium quality meat products, venison specialties
MEAT STŘÍMELICE – bratwurst, sausages, smoked meat, blood sausage, brawn, salami, patés

Poultry, eggs
KOBYLNICE FARMSTEAD – free-range eggs, full fat Jersey milk with naturally high levels of casein – products made from this milk: yoghurt, cream cheese, desserts, ghee, grilling and fresh cheeses, crème fraiche, chilled free-range chicken
DUCK FARM HOLÝŠOV – slow-grown chicken, duck and roosters, in the autumn – geese, guineafowl, hens
TURKEY FARM NOVÝ DVŮR – turkey and turkey products
FARM NAPIPI – chicken, duck, goose, and eggs from a family farm in the Beroun region
EGGS KUBÁTOVI – free-range eggs from the family farm Jezero, near Benešov

YOUR FISH (RYBY TVÝ) – chilled fish and seafood

Milk, milk products, butter, cheese
DRŽOVICE FARM – fresh and matured cheeses, cream cheese, yoghurt, milk – goat’s, sheep’s, cow’s
GOAT FARM POD KŘÍŽKEM – fresh cheeses, kefirs, yoghurts, cheeses in salt brine – jadel, feta, Balkan cheese, matured gouda and cheddar made from goat’s and cow’s milk
MILK AGRALKA – milk, acidified milk, whey, acidophilus milk, flavoured milk, yoghurt, cream cheese, cheeses, butter
MILK KRASOLESÍ – cheeses – cow’s and goat’s, fresh and matured, different types of French-style mouldy cheeses, cream cheese, yoghurts, milk

Foreign delicacies
BAČA CHEESES – sheep cheese, žinčica (sheep milk whey drink), bryndza (traditional Slovakian sheep milk cheese), meat products, cheeses Koliba and Rajec
HUNGARIAN DELICACIES – smoked meat, bacon, bratwurst, salami, homemade pickled cabbage, pickled vegetables
TIROL SPECIALTIES – traditionally-made cheeses, bratwurst, bacon and other delicacies from small farmers in the Tirol region

Vegetables, fruit, herbs, mushrooms
KAROLÍNKA’S HONEY, MUSHROOMS AND HERBS – fresh forest mushrooms – fresh and pickled, forest berries and herbs, honey
FRUIT FARM IVO KOŠŤÁL – apples from Těchlovice, fresh and pasteurised apple juice, dried apples, cherries (when in season)
FRUIT PLOSKOVICE – ecologically-grown fruit. According to season – pears, apples, strawberries, cherries, apricots, plums, redcurrant, dried apples, as well as fruit juices
PĚSTEBNA – Prague vertical farm, microgreens, sprouts, edible flowers
TRUE SHIITAKE – dried Shiitake mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms to grow at home, grilled mushrooms
VEGETABLES OVČÁRY – seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce
VEGETABLES ŠŤASTNÁ – seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce
ZEMĚDĚLSTVÍ JAKUBCOVI – seasonal vegetables, herbs and lettuce

GARDENISTA – flowers from Stehelčeves
FLOWERS BYSTRÁ – Czech flowers from the Bystrý family in Dřísy
FLOWERS FROM PEPA – bouquets and decorations from a florist atelier
FLOWERS WITH LOVE (S LÁSKOU KVĚT) – wreaths from dried or faux flowers, macramé – decorations to put on your wall, dreamcatchers
MOLHANEC GARDENS PRODUCE – flowers, vegetables and fruit from their own garden

Baked goods, cakes, flour
WHOLEWHEAT AND GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY DVORNÍK – wholegrain and gluten-free baked goods, kolache, quiches and breads, savoury snacks – bio, wholegrain, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan or keto products
BREAD FROM TŘEBÍČ – sourdough, sourdough starter, rye bread, crackling patties
BAKERY LINHARTOVÁ – huge bread from Mšeno, fruit kolache
BAKERY KEJVAL – bread, kolache, white bread, flatbread, rolls, dumplings
BAKERY LOUSKÁČEK – sweet kolache and savoury quiches
BAKERY NOSTRESS – French-style baked goods, baguettes, bread, quiche, sweet treats
PITA BREAD & HUMMUS – homemade pita bread from Jirny, delicious hummus
OLD BOHEMIAN BAKERY – sourdough kolache and stuffed buns (buchty)
TRADITIONAL PAGÁČKY – traditional pagáčky (Slovakian patties), a long process of leavening and layering the dough with greaves, cabbage, bacon or olives, sweet Bratislava rolls

Cakes, desserts, chocolate
KRAFIN – vegan croissants, pan au chocolat, kolache, filled cruffins (croissant muffins), filled croissants – sweet or savoury
PERNÍČKOVI – fresh gingerbread – with marzipan, nougat, nuts, dried fruit, with a chocolate, lemon, or rum sauce on top, or topped with plum jam, gingerbread Swiss roll, honey and poppy seed Swiss roll, traybake gingerbread, decorated gingerbread
PETRISIMO – sweet and savoury kolache, cheesecake, macaroons, profiteroles, hummus
SYCHROVY TRUBIČKY – CREAM ROLLS – sweat cream-filled rolls
TEN ŠTRŮDL (THE STRUDEL) – strudels, freshly-friend vdolky (a Czech-style donut) and potato patties

Delicacies, jams, herbs, pesto, oils, pasta
FRESH PASTA – fresh chilled pasta (tagliatelle, lasagne, spaghetti), sauces and pesto
DAMODARA – legume pasta and flour, soups, porridge, chickpea balls
ECOFARM ÚLOVICE – Freshly-milled bio wholegrain flour, semolina, and bran – spelt, rye, sometimes buckwheat. Czech bio horseradish.
HANYS OIL – natural premium quality oils, cold-pressed – poppy, flax, rape, sunflower, pumpkin seed, milk thistle, hemp, mustard seed and salad oils. Green virgin olive oil Kalamata. Greek olives Kalamata with seeds in, green mammoth olives with seeds in herbs, green mammoth olives with chili peppers and black Facon olives with seeds.
KŘENEC BARN – sauerkraut, cabbage salads, pickles, kimchi
KVĚTUŠKA’S GARDEN – fresh herbs from Kokovice, according to season. Different types of pesto – wild garlic, parsley, basil, chives, coriander, lovage, horseradish, dill, nettle.
MARMALADES WITH A STORY – handmade jams, marmalades, teas and other delicacies – chutneys, pesto, pickled vegetables, sweet and sour pickles, flavoured oils
SEA BUCKTHORN SHOP – herbal syrups and tinctures from sea buckthorn
STAND U DVOU KOZ – herbal syrups – elderberry, dandelion, thyme, mint, gingko & yerba mate, hibiscus, lavender, ginger, lime-tree, plantain, cinnamon and other seasonal syrups.

Honey, mead, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, spices
CANNA ROOMZ – CBD coffee, drops, oils and cannabis cosmetics
CEYLON SPICES CZ – the importing and processing of great-quality spices – spice mixes, essential oils, herbs from Crete, coconut products, masala chai, Madagascar chocolates
DO RUKY MLS (A SNACK FOR YOUR HAND) – a handmade snack mix with nuts, seeds, fruit and oats
MANDLOVÁ – ALMONDS – freshly-roasted almonds, flavours – cinnamon, Japanese Ume vinegar, herbs and Himalayan salt, or unflavoured. Extra virgin olive oil from a family farm in Spain, where olives have been grown for 7 generations. Olive oil is made form one type of olives, it is filtered and delicious. Comes in packs of 0.5l, 1l or 2.5l
HONEY HRÁDEK – a family beekeeping business from Vysočina, different types of honey, flavoured honey – with cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, chilli, cardamom, turmeric, nuts in honey, propolis cream, tincture and lip balm
MORE THAN NUTS – baclava, nuts, seeds, and products made from them, chocolate, cocoa, candy, legumes, dried fruit, roasted nuts, nut and fruit mixes…
ZÁZVORUJ (GINGER) – ginger specialties without additives – honey, syrups, different drinks

Drinks, juices
FRESH-JUICES – freshly-pressed juices from seasonal fruit and vegetables (apples, pears, carrot, beetroot, cucumber…), herbs, berries, and exotic fruit juices combined with apple juice
JZT FERMENTS – natural, healthy kombucha – a fermented drink from tea, that contains probiotics
MINIMAL DELICATO – burčák (young wine) from Hustopeč, red and white mulled wine, lemonades from fruit syrups
DRYKK JUICES – freshly-pressed apple juice, warm apple juice, apple juice slushies, apple cider vinegar
FAMILY BREWERY U VACKŮ – unpasteurised and unfiltered beer, made with traditional recipes and techniques
BLACKCURRANT WINE – famous wine from blackcurrants
WINERY DAVID CHOCHOLATÝ – a young Czech winery that started in 2015. Focused on creating quality wines from Czech grapes.

Refreshments, coffee, tea
ALEGRE COFFEE – coffee straight from farmers in Costa Rica, Indonesia (BIO), Kenya, India, Guatemala, and other countries
COFEEC FROM COFFEEFRIENDS.CZ – cold brew coffee, Arhuacos coffee from Sierra Nevada, Rooibos tea, from spring, there will also be mixed drinks made from coffee, fruit juices and alcohol.
KAPKAFE – mobile espresso bar, selected coffee from Prague roasteries.
COFFEE CLUB – coffee from our own roastery, espresso, filtered coffee, cold coffee drinks in the summer
ARMENIAN SHASHLIK – grilled meat skewers, Armenian specialties
BALKAN GRILL – Balkan burger, burek, grilled vegetables, courgette and aubergine with a dressing, chicken skewers, homemade spinach pita bread, homemade kolache
MEAT PRODUCTS PELANT FROM DOUPOV –  Slovakian halušky (small dumplings) with sauerkraut and smoked meat, roasted potatoes, baked black pudding, grilled bratwurst and meat skewers, meat products.
GRILL YOUR FISH (GRIL RYBY TVÝ) – grilled calamari, prawns, octopus, mussels, fish soup, breakfast menu
GRILLED BRATWURST & OPATOV BREAD – grilled bratwurst and sausages, salami and meat products, bread from Opatov
CHLEBÍČEK STORE – Czech open-faced sandwiches (chlebíčky), freshly-made vegan variations
PODOLKA RESTAURANT – burgers, vegetarian and meat-based meals, great soups, quiche and kolache
TOPINKARIUM – toasted bread and homemade spreads

CERAMICS BURDA – amazing large tea mugs and other ceramics
BASKETS – baskets and other wicker goods
STONE ON AN ANVIL – blacksmith products – small gifts, jewellery from metals and stones
PARŮŽKOV – premium fresh venison dog treats
WOODWORKING HANKA JAVORKOVÁ – bowls and plates made from fruit wood

Charity projects
PAMĚŤ NÁRODA – MEMORY OF NATIONS – https://www.memoryofnations.eu/en

Upcoming events