Farmer's Market Kubáň

Saturday, February 4 – we are starting off with a celebratory sausage roasting!

We are back! You can come fill your baskets with fresh, healthy products, and say hi to your favourite farmers and sellers. Some sellers are still taking a break, such as Vegetables Malých and Kloubských, who are still preparing for their new produce. We also have some new sellers, like SPCafee, who will bring desserts, and Fruit Jelínek, who will bring apples, pears and juices. Our farmstead (Naše Hospodářství) will offer matured beef from their farm.

We will start the season with roasting sausages above an open flame in a metal basket. We will lend you the sticks to roast your sausages on, and there will be sausages, bread, mustard and ketchup available to purchase! The master of fire, artist and our friend Petr Aufriedlsehen will be scoring the sausages into different shapes.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


You will find the following sellers at the market:


Turkey farm Brniště – turkey and poultry, turkey sausages and meat products, organ meat, patés, bones for making broth

From February 25 – Poultry farm Holýšov – slow-grown poultry, chicken, duck

Butcher’s Marešovi – homemade meat products, brawn, bratwurst

U špejle – venison specialties

NEW Our Farmstead (Naše Hospodářství) – matured beef from a farm



Bio farm Zedníček – bio milk on tap, cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese in bio quality

Bačova salaš – traditional Slovakian sheep cheese, milk and meat products

Chouranice farm – free-range eggs, goat cheese, ricotta, fresh goat milk to order

Eggs Kosičky – barn eggs, quail eggs

Dutch Boy – large selection of cheeses



Vegetables Dřísy Robin Machka – fresh vegetables, large range of lettuce, sweet potatoes, herbs, onions, tomatoes…

NEW Fruit Jelínek – apples, pears, apple juices



Flowers Hakl – bouquets



Bakery Velíšek – sourdough rye and wheat bread, different flavours of bread – pumpkin, carrot, nut, as well as kolache, strudels

Bakery Our Bread – rye and wheat sourdough, pumpkin, carrot, and nut bread, kolache, strudels, rolls, sweet bakes

NEW SPCafee – desserts and croissants

NEW The Strudel (Ten štrůdl) – sweet and savoury strudels




From March 4 – Fresh Juice – fresh fruit and vegetable juices

From February 18 – Zázvoruj (Ginger) – ginger tea with honey, ginger syrups



Herbal syrups – lavender and other herbal syrups with added minerals, marmalades

Marmalade mill – homemade marmalades and jams

Honey Švoma – honey, gingerbread, beeswax candles, propolis

Herbal teas Zdislava – herbal teas

Mrs. Pavlínová – spices, teas, marmalades, syrups



From February 11 – Fish grill U Pepy – grilled zander, carp fries, smoked fish, fish patties, fresh fish, vegetable crepes

Václav Bouša – grilled chicken and pork knee

Café Majada – coffee from South America: cappuccino, espresso, latté from a barista



Lada Kučerová – products from wool and lanolin

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