Farmer's Market Kubáň

Saturday, October 8 at Kubáň – full of sun and autumn produce

On Saturday, you will be able to buy interesting tulip and daffodil bulbs from the Netherlands from Vanda Hamza for the last time. There will be new vegetable sellers from southern Moravia – Havrdovi. Vegetables from Klárka will offer great white pumpkins. At the Kloubských stand, you will be able to buy shredded cabbage.

If you don’t feel like cooking or are hungry while at the market, there will be grilled chicken at the market on Saturday. You can have it to take away or eat it at the market.

If you like desserts, get some cream rolls, cream puffs and other desserts from Felicity Food. Of course, that is not it. There will be live music from The Daltones! Come and have a look!


You will find the following sellers at the market:


Butcher’s Marešovi / homemade meat products, brawn, bratwurst

Poultry farm Holýšov / slow-grown poultry, chicken, goose

ON VACATION Turkey farm Brniště / fresh meat and meat products



Pepa’s Fish Grill / grilled zander, carp fries, smoked fish, fish patties, sometimes vegetable crepes



Bio farm Zedníček / bio milk on tap, butter, sour cream, yoghurt, cream cheese, and whey in bio quality

Farm Chouranice / free-range eggs, goats’ cheese, ricotta, fresh goats’ milk to order

Bačova salaš / traditional Slovakian sheep cheeses, milk and meat products, bacon, bratwurst…

Eggs Kosičky / barn eggs from chickens, quail eggs

Dutch boy / A large variety of cheeses



Vegetables Malých / fresh vegetables, apples, plums

Vegetables Kloubských / fresh vegetables, walnut, pickled cabbage to order

Vegetables Dřísy Robin Machka / Czech vegetables, wide range of lettuce, sweet potatoes, herbs

Vegetables from Klárka / fresh vegetables and fruit


Vegetables Havrdovi / vegetables from south Moravia



Flowers Hakl / flowers from the garden

Flower atelier Vanda Hamza / original floral bouquets, tulip and daffodil bulbs from the Netherlands



Bakery Our Bread (Náš chléb)/ rye and wheat sourdough, pumpkin, carrot, and nut bread, kolache, strudels, rolls, sweet bakes

Bakery Velíšek / sourdough rye and wheat bread, different flavours of bread – pumpkin, carrot, nut, as well as kolache, strudels

Felicity Food / gingerbread, cream puffs, cakes, bread, baked goods

Sarnia doughnuts / Czech doughnuts (vdolky) and other desserts

Nespěšný / homemade cream rolls



Café Majada / coffee from South America – cappuccino, espresso, latté from a barista

Fresh Juice / fresh non-pasteurised fruit and vegetable juices

Winery Ulrych / young wine (burčák)



Herbal syrups / lavender and other herbal syrups with added minerals, marmalades

Herbal teas Zdislava / original herbal teas


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