Event Heřmaňák

List of sellers – Saturday, October 8 at Heřmaňák, from 8:30-13:30

You will be able to buy food from farms and bio farms, or even designer clothing, handmade products, meet up with your friends for coffee have breakfast or lunch, or attend a workshop!

You will be able to find these sellers at the market:

Saturday, October 8


Vegetables and Herbs Šťastných / seasonal vegetables, herbs, lettuce

DRYKK / freshly pressed apple juice

Křenec barn / cabbage salads, kimchi, cabbage juice, sauerkraut, pickles



Flowers Dřísy / bouquets, Czech daffodils, gladioli, garden and meadow flowers, sometimes potted flowers

Atelier Lesem / garden and meadow flowers, bouquets, wreaths, soy candles with flowers in them, embroidered gifts

Houseplants and herbs from Louda / houseplants and potted flowers to put on your balcony, herbs



Kobylnice Farmstead / free-range eggs

Milk Rosice / milk, yoghurts, cheeses, syrups, whey from a small milk farm, without preservatives, patés and cheeses in brine



Cakes Alchymista / coffee from great baristas, bring your own cup to get 10 Kč off

The Strudel (Ten štrúdl) / freshly made vdolky (Czech doughnuts), strudels with sweet and savoury fillings

Shop U Andělky / cream puffs, cream rolls, pavlova, kolache, and other desserts from creative bakers from Vysočina



Bakery Kejval / yeast and rye bread, rolls, koblihy (jam stuffed doughnuts), greave patties, buns, kolache, stuffed buns

Traditional pagáčky / Slovakian baked goods with smoked meat, greaves, olives, cheese, or other fillings



Meat Kvarda / traditional meat products made with quality ingredients

Bio farm Babiny / beef, minced beef, broth, liver, tripe soup, goulash, all in bio quality



Bistro Stories in Holeshovice / stuffed peppers, borscht, crepes and vareniky with blueberries, cherries, cream cheese, meat, or mushrooms, marbled Bundt cake, fruit kolache, homemade lemonade

Family beekeeping Zwettler / beekeeper with gold medal, different types of honey – flower, paste, flavoured with sea buckthorn, cinnamon, ginger, or strawberries

JZT Ferments / fermented kombucha drinks, with different fruit flavours



Poppyhead / designer clothing and accessories – dresses, coats, skirts, blouses and belts

Hilda collective / painted ceramics, porcelain, graphic arts, fanny packs / bum bags, bags

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