Farmer's Market Kubáň

Saturday, September 24 at Kubáň – herbal syrups, slow-grown chicken and duck from Farm Holýšov, turkey, vegetables, fresh bio milk, eggs, flowers…

There will be plenty of variety this Saturday at Náplavka. You will be able to put pumpkins, cucumbers and tomatoes into your basket. For protein, you can buy eggs, slow-grown chicken or duck from Holýšov, turkey from Farm Brniště, bio milk and bio yoghurt from Zedníčkovi, eggs and cream cheese from Chouranice. For carbs, stop by bakery Velíšek, or get some fresh Czech doughnuts (vdolky) from Sarnia Donuts. That’s all the nutrition you need for the weekend! To please your soul, get some flowers form Dřísy or Flowers from the garden.

Vanda Hamza will offer you bulbs of tulips and daffodils that you can plant to be ready for spring.

There will be live music from Los Amigos. Will you be there?

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