Farmer's Market Kubáň

Saturday, June 18 at Kubáň – freshly-picked vegetables, apricots, strawberries, ice cream, Střímelice meat products, cream pinwheels, homemade bread, bio milk…

Summer is knocking on our doors, and juicy fruit is now ready to be eaten! There will also be new potatoes, fresh lettuce, homemade goat cheese… If you want something to eat for lunch, get some grilled fish from Pepa Grunt, if you want something to decorate your dining table at home, get a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Come fill your baskets, there will be plenty to choose from at Kubáň!



Butchers Marešovi / traditional Czech meat products: smoked meat, pâtés, sausages, bratwurst, greaves, smoked pork belly, meatloaf, salami and more!

Střímelice meat products / homemade meat products



Bio farm Zedníček / bio milk on tap, butter, sour cream, yoghurt, cream cheese, and whey in bio quality

Farm Chouranice / free-range eggs, goats’ cheese, ricotta, fresh goats’ milk to order

Bačova salaš / traditional Slovakian sheep cheeses, milk and meat products, bacon, bratwurst…

Eggs Kosičky / barn eggs from chickens, quail eggs



Vegetables Malých / fresh vegetables, seedlings

Vegetables Kloubských / fresh vegetables, seedlings of vegetables, flowers

Vegetables from Klárka / Czech vegetables, bio mandarin oranges and lemons, oyster and champignon mushrooms, apples, pears, fresh juices, pickled cabbage and other vegetables, cut and potted herbs, honey

Vegetables Dřísy Robin Machka / Czech vegetables, wide range of lettuce, cut or potted herbs



Flowers Dřísy / daffodils and tulips from Czech greenhouses, bouquets, potted flowers, seedlings

Horticulture Semelovi / spring flowers, seedlings



Bakery Our Bread / rye and wheat sourdough, pumpkin, carrot, and nut bread, kolache, strudels, rolls, sweet bakes

Bakery Velíšek / sourdough rye and wheat bread, different flavours of bread – pumpkin, carrot, nut, as well as kolache, strudels

Cakes and bakery Felicity Food / gingerbread, cream puffs, cakes, bread, baked goods

Jurášek’s Canteen / cream puffs, cream rolls, Bundt cakes…



Marmalade Mill / homemade marmalades

La Prove / Mexican specialties, packaged Mexican coffee ‘Prokurátor’ and 100% cocoa, tropical fruit, vegan chocolate, spices, Mexican marzipan

Herbal syrups / homemade herbal syrups

Miloš Pokorný / ice cream



Coffee Majada / coffee from South America – cappuccino, espresso, latté from a barista, mulled wine

Fresh Juice / fresh non-pasteurised fruit and vegetable juices



Dřevotéka wood products / wood products for your kitchen, toys

Hemp apothecary / creams and other hemp products

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