Farmer's Market Kubáň

On Saturday, March 12, the farmer’s market at Kubáň will be in full swing

The market is becoming livelier in March, with the spring flowers and bigger choice of products available. Come and see for yourself!

If you like leek, make a simple Vichyssoise soup. You can find the recipe for it in our new rubric ‘Kitchen Inspiration’ where food bloggers will post their recipes. You can find leek at Vegetables Dřísy, Vegetables from Klárka, or our new sellers – Vegetables Janoušek. One of our regulars, Vegetables Malých will be back from March 19 and Vegetables Kloubských will also be back soon.

You can also find fresh herbs at the market now. You can put potted chives and parsley onto your window and have them fresh, with some ricotta from Farm Chouranice, for example.

It is important to have some vitamins during the winter – oranges, lemons, and mandarin oranges from Croatian Omiš can be found at Vegetables from Klárka.

List of sellers for Saturday, March 12


Střímelice meat products / traditional Czech meat products, all smoked on beech wood: smoked meat, patés, sausages, bratwurst, bacon, meat loaf.

Butchers Marešovi / traditional Czech meat products: smoked meat, patés, sausages, bratwurst, greaves, smoked pork belly, meatloaf, salami and more!

Turkey farm Brniště / fresh poultry meat, sausages, giblets, patés, carcasses for making soup

Poultry farm Holýšov / chicken, duck, turkey, for pre-order – goose, guineafowl, rooster

Meat products Tismice will be at the market from mid-March, as they are taking a winter break



Pepa’s Fish Grill / grilled pike, carp fries, smoked fish, fish patties, sometimes vegetable pancakes



Bio farm Zedníček / milk, butter, sour cream, yoghurt, cream cheese, and whey in bio quality

Family farm Švorbovi / free-range eggs, homemade cheeses, butter, cream cheese, cheese strings

Farm Chouranice / free-range eggs, goats’ cheese, ricotta, fresh goats’ milk to order

Bačova salaš / traditional Slovakian sheep cheeses, milk and meat products

Cheese grill and pickled cheeses / traditional Slovakian spicy cheeses, grilled oštiepok (sheep cheese) with cranberry sauce

Eggs Kosičky / barn eggs from chickens, quail eggs



Vegetables from Klárka / Czech winter and root vegetables, oyster and champignon mushrooms, apples, pears, fresh juices, pickled cabbage and other vegetables, cut and potted herbs, honey

Robin Machka / Czech winter and root vegetables, lettuce, cut or potted herbs

Vegetable Farm Janouškovi / Czech winter and root vegetables, herbs

Sweet mandarin oranges / lemons, mandarin oranges and oranges from Croatian Omiš, sweet juice and marmalades from citrus fruit

Vegetables Malých will be at the market from March 19.

Vegetables Kloubských will come during March.



Flowers Dřísy / daffodils and tulips from Czech greenhouses, bouquets, potted flowers and plants


Horticulture Semela will be back during March, they are taking a winter break.



Bakery Velíšek / wheat and rye bread, pumpkin, carrot, or nut bread, strudels, kolache, rolls

Cakes and bakery Felicity / gingerbread, cream puffs, cakes, bread, baked goods

Bakery Karlovy Vary / cream rolls, kolache, strudels, cream puffs, gingerbread

Jurášek Canteen / Bundt cakes and strudels



Marmalade mill / homemade jams, marmalades, syrups, chutneys, all with large fruit content



Coffee Majada / coffee from South America – cappuccino, espresso, latté from a barista, mulled wine

Fresh Juices / fresh non-pasteurised fruit and vegetable juices



Ceramics Charlie / mugs, candle holders, essential oil burners, with a red glaze

Markéta Kulhánková / clothing for children and women

NEW: J&P CANDLES / handmade carbon-neutral candles, handmade diffusers, scented wax melts, handmade candle accessories

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