Farmer's Market Kubáň

Saturday, December 18 at Kubáň in full force with a Christmas spirit!

At Kubáň, we will enjoy the last Saturday before Christmas. At Vegetables Kloubských, you will be able to get great potatoes for your potato salad, as well as root vegetables, apples and more. You will be able to choose produce from our four regular stands.

There will be eggs and slow-grown chickens, turkey, and duck from Poultry Farm Holýšov. Great meat products from Střímelice, turkey farm Brniště, bio milk from Zedníčkovi. Fresh baked goods from Velíškovi and Náš chléb (Our Bread).

If you are still missing ornaments, incense cones, or mistletoe, you can get it from Macháčkovi. There will be beautiful gingerbread from Mrs. Vyskočilová.

There will also be gifts! Black and white porcelain from Jana Krejčovská, ceramics Špalíček and original wooden decorations and jewellery from Bohemia Art. You can also buy some woollen socks and gloves to keep you warm.

Pepa Grunt will be offering grilled fish for the last time this Saturday. However, from Monday, December 20, he will be selling fresh carp at the market.

Come enjoy the last advent weekend.

Who will be there?


Meat Tismice Foltýn / traditional meat products, smoked meat in a bun

Turkey farm Brniště / fresh poultry and poultry products

Poultry farm Holýšov / slow-grown chicken, duck, rooster

Meat Products Střímelice / homemade meat products, smoked duck breast and other delicacies



Josef Grunt / grilled fish delicacies



Bio farm Zedníček / milk, butter, sour cream, yoghurt, cream cheese

Bačova salaš / sheep cheese, Slovakian cheeses of different kinds, bacon

Farm Chouranice / eggs, cow and goat cheese, ricotta

PPVV / barn and free-range eggs



Vegetables Malých / vegetables, potatoes, herbs

Vegetables Kloubských / vegetables, potatoes, herbs

Vegetables from Klárka / oyster mushrooms, vegetables, herbs, honey

Robin Machka / vegetables from the Polabí region, lettuce, herbs

Selanomer / Bio mandarin oranges, bio lemons



Farmer’s garden / wreaths, flowers, dried fruit, homemade marmalades, mistletoe

Martin Hakl / wreaths

Macháček / Christmas decorations and ornaments, incense cones, mistletoe

Miloš Semela / Christmas decorations



Bakery Velíšek / bread, baked goods, kolache

Cakes Karlovy Vary / yeast kolache, cream rolls, cream puffs

Náš chléb – Our Bread / bread, baked goods, kolache

Goodies from Moravia / kolache, strudel, pickled cabbage, greaves, honey



Marmeládový mlýn – Marmalade Mill / homemade marmalades

Zázvoruj – Ginger / ginger lemonades and syrups, ginger specialties

Jiřina Vyskočilová / homemade gingerbread

Felicity-food / cakes, desserts, bread

Ivičili / pickled cheeses



Fresh Juice / freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices

Café Majada / specialty coffee



Jana Krajčovská / black and white porcelain

Ceramics Špalíček / decorated mugs, bowls and plates

Lukáš Burian / woollen socks

Bohemian Art / original wooden decoration and jewellery, mandalas

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