Event Heřmaňák

Saturday, 17 July – Heřmaňák full of fresh summer produce, Peedle Needle, Mr. Buchta stuffed buns

This summer farmer’s market will bring you mainly fresh vegetables, meat, and fruit, but also much more!

Who is on break and for how long?

–        In July, Milk Babina, Ajvars and Hrejkovice pickled cabbage are all havinga break because of the high temperatures that are not suitable for their products

–        In July and September, Cakes Andělka are not going to be here because they will be in their home town of Počátky in Vysočina, where you can visit them! They will be back some time in September.

–        Until autumn, Bakery Malá Úpa from Krkonoše will not be at the market either, again because of the high temperatures that are not suitable for their products.

We also have some new additions to the market! Kimchi, hummus and sauces from Farm Živina, packaged in returnable glass containers. Meat (chicken, pork, and duck in the autumn) and eggs from Veronika Šmejcová’s farm. You can find them next to the other meat products and they will be here the first and second Saturday of every month. Beydyzka Radka Bejdáková will bring her dressings and chunteys, which will complement your summer dishes, whether meat or plant-based. She will be at Heřmaňák on July 24, and August 7 and 21, and after that, she will be there every 2 weeks.

List of sellers for 17 July 2021:


Czech cherries / juicy cherries of different kinds from Litomeřice

Blueberries from Czech forests (from the Plzeň region)

Vegetables and Herbs Šťastných / seasonal vegetables, herbs, lettuce

Drykk / freshly pressed apple juice

Fresh Greens / microgreens and sprouts


Flowers Dřísy / meadow and garden flowers, bouquets, herbs, plants

Atelier Lesem / tulips, bouquets, wreaths, decorations


Veronika Šejc Jedličková / chicken, poultry and other meat from small farms

Farm Veseckých / free-range eggs


Cakes Alchymista / coffee from great baristas, bring your own cup to get 5 Kč off


Bakery Kejval / yeast and rye bread, rolls, koblihy (jam stuffed doughnuts), greave patties, buns, kolache, stuffed buns

Mr. Buchta stuffed buns / homemade stuffed buns with different fillings

Ten štrůdl / strudels of different types, potato patties, vdolky (fried dough with toppings)

Traditional pagáčky / Slovakian baked goods with smoked meat, greaves, olives, cheese, or other fillings.


Butcher’s Kvarda / traditional meat products and pâtés, smoked meat.

Bio farm Babiny / bio matured beef, homemade sausages, beef broth, bio beef jerky


JZT Kombucha / cold drinks made with kombucha tea, fermented, flavours – maracuja, strawberry, bergamot, natural

Chilli pikanterie / chilli peppers, chilli pastes and chutneys

Farm Živina / great homemade chutneys and kimchi


Peedle Needle / great quality original dresses and clothing for your children





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