Farmer's Market Kubáň

On Saturday, June 19, picnics in Kubáň start!

We have a surprise for you! You can borrow a basket and picnic blanket at the Café Majada stall. Fill the picnic basket with goodies from the market, such as strawberries from Kunratice, crunchy bread from Adámkovo bakery, kolache and cream rolls from Cakes Karlovy Vary, meat products, cheese from Bio Farm Zedníček or Bača’s sheepfold, or olives, Greek cheeses and spices from the Greek shop.

There will also be coffee from Café Majada, freshly pressed juices from Immunity Bar, freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices from Fresh bar, or beers from Hák’s steam brewery to refresh you!

And of course, fresh vegetables from our farmers: Kloubských, Malých and Vegetables Machka. They now have Czech cucumbers and tomatoes. At Vegetables Klárka, in addition to the usual products, you can also buy freshly-pressed apple juice and apples from Tuchoraz Orchard.

With this full basket, you can have a picnic on the grass right next to the market. Doesn’t that sound great?

Who will be there?


Meat farm Lažiště / bio beef from a farm

Poultry farm Holýšov / slow-growing chickens and ducks from a poultry farm – THIS SATURDAY WILL BE THEIR LAST TIME BEFORE TAKING A BREAK UNTIL SEPTEMBER


Josef Grunt / grilled fish and other delicacies


Zedníčkovi Farm / bio milk, butter, sour cream, yoghurts and cream cheese from Vysočina

Eggs Kosičky / barn eggs, quail eggs

Farm Chouranice / free-range eggs

Bača’s sheepfold / cow’s and goat’s milk, yoghurts, sheep and cow cheeses


Vegetables Malých / vegetables, potatoes, herbs

Vegetables Kloubských / es, potatoes, herbs

Juices Drykk / apple juice, apples

Vegetables from Klárka / oyster mushrooms, vegetables, soup-making vegetable packs, herbs, honey

Robin Machka / vegetables from Polabí, lettuce, herbs

Strawberries from Kunratice / juicy strawberries

Strawberries Kunratice Václav Jakoubek / juicy strawberries


Flowers Dřísy / bouquets, potted flowers, and plants for your garden

Flowers Semela / fresh flowers


Bakery Velíšek / bread, homemade baked goods, kolache

Bakery Adámek / rye or wheat bread, gluten-free bread, kolache, rolls, white bread

Cakes Karlovy Vary / yeast kolache, cream rolls, cream puffs


Greek shop / olive oil, olives, spices from Greece, herbal teas

Baňov mill / homemade marmalades


Fresh Juice / freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices

Hák’s steam brewery / bottled beer

Winery Bukovský / premium red and white Moravian wine from Kobylí in Morava

Café Majada / specialty coffee

Immunity Bar / freshly pressed fruit juices


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