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Podzimní dny českého medu 2014

… as it became a tradition, the Jiřák’s Autumn Days of Czech Honey took place on the 19th and 20th of September. By this event we’ve expressed our deep devotion to this precious natural resource and prepared ourselves for the upcoming winter.
What’s this years honey-quality? How does the real beekeeper job function? How does it feel to be a bee? 3rd Jiřák’s Honey festival also took place to bring answers to such questions.


Featured honey beer, all kinds of medovina, stunning baked sweets, candles, cosmetics with honey, live bee-hive, all one can imagine on the topic of honey and bees!


‚We’d like to celebrate the nature’s miracle of honey and pay tribute to all of the masters and fans of beekeeping by this event. If the bees die out, they’re taking us with them – as may said. I think we depend on bees and their products so we should treat them with a certain dignity‘, says Jiří Sedláček (Archetyp, NGO) who iniciates the event.


Accompanied by program for both kids (workshop ‚Wooden hearts with Love‘ and interactive theatre ‚Hansel und Gretel‘) and adults (concerts of ATARÉS /CZ/, AQUA JAZZ /CZ/, PHIL SCHOENFELT & SOUTHERN CROSS /UK, CZ/) it was a great event for a broad spectre of audience. Thanks to everyone who came by and supported us!


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