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Over 50 stands, 25 wineries from Bohemia and Moravia, degustation of St. Martin Day wines, goose specialties and accompanying program. This will be the 9th annual wine festival ‘St. Martin’s Day celebrations and baked goose’.

The 9th annual wine festival will happen on Saturday, November 9, from 10:00 until 21:00 at náplavka Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague 2 between the Palackého bridge and the railway bridge. Every year, around 6 000 people attend this festival. ‘Young St. Martin’s Day wines are traditionally opened on November 11. This year, Czech Republic’s Wine fund allowed their opening from Friday, November 8. That is why this year’s festival is happening before November 11,’ explained Jiří Sedláček, the director of the festival.

25 Bohemian and Moravian wineries will introduce their young wines. There will be around 6 thousand bottles of wine available for visitors. ‘The guest of this year’s festival will be the family winery Ďurík from Opatovská Nová Ves in Slovakia, who will be at the festival for the first time. There will also be still wines and mulled wines available. The wine will be tasted from special glasses, that will be a part of the degustation sets, along with a catalogue and a pen. You can buy these at the festival for 100 Kč,’ said Jiří Sedláček.

Another thing that has to be a part of a St. Martin’s Day festival is a baked goose. You will be able to taste all kinds of food made with goose. ‘You can look forward to baked goose with dumpling and pickled cabbage, goose soup with dumplings, or goose liver with apples and onions. There will also be goose burgers, sandwiches with pulled goose, goose quiche, goose pâté with whiskey, served with cranberries and toasted bread and many other dishes with goose in them. There will also be new St. Martin’s rolls,’ describer Jiří Sedláček.

There will also be all kinds of other snacks. There will be canapés, cheeses, meats, roasted nuts and greaves sticks, that go along with wine. Sweet or salty crepes and wood oven fired pizza will also be available. You will be able to buy warm non-alcoholic drinks as well.

The St. Martin’s Day festival is not only about wine and goose specialties, there is also other accompanying programme. ‘There will be several bands playing throughout the day. This year, the music programme will end at 18:00. The festival will be opened by Cimbalom music Vonička, then there will be jazz music: bands Brass avenue and Jazz volunteers,’ concluded Jiří Sedláček.

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