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The 8th annual wine festival will happen at Rašínovo nábřeží.

There will be 61 stands and 36 wineries in total. It is a degustation festival of rosés and clarets along with food that goes will with rosés and an accompanying program. This festival will take place on the 19 May from 10:00 until 21:00 at Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague 2.

It is the season of fresh, light and fruity rosés. You will be able to taste the best ones at the Růžový máj festival. “The wines will be tasted from festival glasses that were made in the Czech Republic. The festival wants to reduce its plastic waste and also wine tasted better from glass. There will be stands offering wine as well as 25 stands that will offer food to go with the wines,” said Jiří Sedláček, the director of the Růžový máj festival.

The popularity of rosés is on the rise. During last year, Czech wineries created 82 thousand hectoliters of rosé, which is 16 thousand more than in 2017, and 44 thousand hectoliters more than in 2016. The attendance of the festival is also rising. Around 5 thousand people visited the festival in 2017, while there were about a thousand more people last year. “Dry and semi-dry wines are served cooled to the temperature of 8 to twelve degrees Celsius. They are usually fresh and aromatic, making them great for consumption in warmer months. Moravian and Czech wines are great with grilled food, pasta, white meat, salads and fresh fruit,” said Vladimír Šabata, the owner and winemaker from Zaječí.

The visitors will be able to try different food combinations to go with rosé. “There will be grilled fish and sea food, baguettes filled with meat and herbs, vegetarian and vegan specialties, mature cheeses, dried meats, duck patés and much more,” said Jiří Sedláček.

The festival isn’t just about drinking wine and tasting food, there is also an accompanying cultural program. “The festival is happening on Sunday instead of a Saturday this year, so in order to reduce noise pollution, we will only play acoustic music. You will be able to hear the Cymbalo band Trnka, the multi genre band Typical stereo and the Original alva vinariko orchestra, who play swing music,” said Jiří Sedláček.

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