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Citizens‘ assossiation Archetyp (managing FM Náplavka since 2010) is delighted to invite you to the festival of young wines that is to be held on 14th of November from 10am to 9pm . Located at the riverbank of ‚Rašínovo nábřeží‘ behind the railway bridge (in the direction out-of-the-city) it will form an extension of the usual Saturday market.

St. Martin’s young wine
St. Martin’s wines are the first ones to be produced every season. We are dealing with dry, light, fresh and fruity wines easily consumed. They mature only several weeks and that is how they get their airy character. The fest will offer up to 28 Czech and Moravian wineries with the best selection of young wines and other usual wines.

Roasted goose as a traditional companion of young wines
The iconic symbol of the festival is in deed roasted goose in many of its forms. For lovers of the traditional there can’t be missing roasted goose with dumplings – the golden classic, with pasta or with ‚lokše‘ (fried potatoe doughnuts) and of course coming with steamed white and red cabbage. You can be looking forward to goose-burgers, goose-ragú with vegetables, roasted goose liver, roasted backbone, traditional goose soup ‚kaldoun‘. From other food selection there’s to be mentioned excellent goat cheese – aging or fresh, first-class smoked products, goulash, roasted prok rind, goose and duck paté, delicate pickled fish products or favourite onion Tarte flambée. We don’t intend to disappoint beer lovers – beer will be served by the minibrewery ‚U Vacků‘ from Chlumec nad Cidlinou.


A few words to the tasting
Traditionally we will be tasting exclusively out of glasses as we believe that’s the proper way of wine-tasting. Moreover it eliminates event’s secondary waste and is therefore more environment-friendly option. The tasting set – to be purchased at the info stand – costs 100,- CZK and includes a tasting glass and a catalouge with all the wineries taking part, information on food-stand selection, map of the event and a pen so you’re able to make notes about wines you taste.


Strict demands
St. Martin’s wines certification is based on exact rules. The mark get only a few wine varieties: out of white wines it is Müller-Thurgau, Fruhroter-Veltliner and ‚Muškát moravský‘. Out of rosé it will then be St. Laurent, Blauer Portugieser and Zweigeltrebe.
The idea of the festival is to offer this year’s first production and to promote Czech and Moravian wineries.
The panorama of the river and Prague Castle is truly amazing with a glass of wine and a good meal!


There’s no event without music!
A floating stage will be part of the event and it will host some of the fine musicians: traditional cimbalom folk band Trnka (CZ), swing rhytms played by the band Hot Wings (CZ), then Cílená Nejistota (CZ) – playing music more suitable for the evening and the créme de la créme – majestic Atmasféra (UA) will finish a fantastic day.

The event is held under the protection of Marian Jurečka – the minister of Agriculture.

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