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The fourth beer festival called “Pivo na Náplavce” is taking place at Rašín’s riverbank on Friday June 17th from 14:00 till 22:00 and on Saturday June 18th from 10:00 till 22:00.

About 50 small, mini and flying breweries are coming to introduce their best specialties. Some of them are going to serve also their own lemonades for the kids or for those who do not drink alcohol.

As every year, there is going to be offered special beer made by last year’s winner of the competition of the most popular brewery. The winner is chosen by the visitors and the beer is named after one of the swimming styles. This year, it is going to be beer called “Vltavský kraul” (Vltava’s crawl) produced by Sedlčany’s brewery Krčín and you can enjoy 500 liters of it.

Besides beer, there is going to be a wide offer of gastronomical delicacies as fish fries from Třeboň’s carp, goose delicacies, raclette, Pivrnc’s beef chili goulash, warm and cold pastrami sandwiches, salty pancakes, tasty donuts or beer ice cream.

Part of the festival is going to be traditional flea market with beer souvenirs, you can also expect autograph session of cartoonist Mr. Petr Urban who is spiritual father of well known Ruda Pivrnec and autograph session of novelty in book market called „Pivovary Mělnicka” (Breweries in Mělnicko) by co-author Mr. Josef Michovský. For the very first time, inhabitants of Prague can have a look at hop-growing and brewery Bethlehem made by woodcarver Mr. Libor Daenemark.

As usual, there is going to be live music performance by Ting, So Fine, Velvet Underground revival, Shum Davar, The Documents, Delta Blues Jam, Jamie Marshall & Amplified Acoustic Band and DJ Kid Dynamite.

The entrance to the festival is free nevertheless, if you are planning to taste the different sorts of beers you have to buy taste set composed of festival glass jug, catalogue, ballpoint and annual beer tray. The annual glass jug carrying logo of this year’s festival beer (Vlatava’s crawl) is going to be offered too.

Besides the festival there is also a farmer’s market at Náplavka on Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00.

Come to taste beers and lemonades of Czech brew masters from small and mini breweries, try many delicacies matching the beer, evaluate skillfulness of the authors of brewery Bethlehem and enjoy pleasant live music.

The festival is taking place under a patronage of Minister of Agriculture Mr. Marian Jurečka and Deputy Mayor of Prague 2 Mr. Jan Korseska.


More information on:  www.pivonanaplavce.cz

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