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As it became a tradition, the winner of the past year’s beer festival ‘Pivo na Náplavce’ prepares the special beer for the next year. This year it’s the brewery ‘Slepý krtek’ and beside this festival beer you may look forward to other beers and specialties brought in with care and love by 58 small and mini breweries. As a matter of course, to a glass of a good beer there should be something delicious to come with it. Therefore we have selected our finest food stands for you to enjoy: sausages and grilled fish for the meat lovers; handmade potatoe chips,
salty galettes and sweet crepes, raviollis stuffed with amazingness, Vietnamese baguettes, pizza out of a mobile wood-oven and much more!

What would be a proper festival without a music programme?!

FRIDAY 19th of June (2pm -⁠ 9pm):
DJ Kid Dynamite (Tawatt DJs) (CZ)
Jazzoví kluci (CZ)
Roman Dragoun and His Angels (CZ)
The Fribbles (CZ)
Svatopluk (CZ)

SATURDAY 20th of June (11am – 9pm):
DJ Ollgoy (Tawatt DJs) (CZ)
Bedřich & Zoufalci (CZ)
The Brownies (CZ)
Jazz in flagranti (CZ)
Krásné nové stroje (CZ)

A complete selection of the festival’s breweries and gastronomy to be found at www.pivonanaplavce.cz.

Dej Bůh štěstí!

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