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This Saturday, come and get pumpkins, fresh herbs, garlic and root vegetables. There will also be great pickled cabbage, which you can get in your own container. Don’t forget to get some free-range eggs or fresh fish. If you want to eat something for lunch, eat a bratwurst or sausage right from the smokehouse, or eat fresh broth soup. In a week, there will be St. Martin Day celebrations at Náplavka, which we invite you to!

Meat, meat products
FARM FROM NORTH BOHEMIA – according to season – goat, sheep, beef, chicken, duck, rabbit… The animals live on a pasture
MEAT FARM – mature beef, lamb, veal, pork, venison meat and meat products, goat, sheep and cow cheeses from the Abertamy farmhouse in the mountains.

BIO FARM FROM CENTRAL BOHEMIA – bio quality meat – beef, veal, pork, lamb, duck, goose, chicken, rooster and eggs
SMOKED SALAMI – beechwood smoked salami, grilled bratwurst
MEAT SHOP – bratwurst, patés, smoked bacon, pork neck, ribs, fermented salami, Czech venison
VENISON SPECIALTIES – smoked bratwurst – deer, mouflon, boar, different veal products, pâtés, sausages
BUTCHERS FROM PLZEŇ – quality meat products, venison specialties
MEAT PRODUCTS FROM PLZEŇ – bratwurst just made from meat with beef broth, dried beef, smoked meat, smoked cheese, pickled smoked meat, pork in sauce, pickled bratwurst, pâtés and other delicacies


Poultry, eggs

POULTRY FARM – free-range eggs, chicken

DUCK FARM – chicken, duck, young roosters, during autumn – geese, guinea fowl, hens

DUCK SPECIALTIES – gently smoked duck breasts, seasoned with sea salt, garlic, rosemary or cranberries in mead, confit duck liver in Porto wine with thyme, duck patés with 75% meat content with cranberries or Porto wine. Sometimes duck lard and greaves.

TURKEY FARM – turkey and turkey products

CHICKEN FARM – chicken



FISHHOUSE – fresh sea food

FISH VACEK – freshwater fish, according to season – trout, carp, catfish, pike…


Milk, milk products, butter, cheese

CZECH MILK LATTERIA – real Italian mozzarellas and burattas, scarmozas, yoghurt and milk, butter, kefir
MILK BIOFARM – bio fresh cow milk – pasteurized or non-pasteurized, great curd made by following a family recipe, home-made butter, ghee (clarified butter), different types of cheeses, whey, kefir, sour cream, yoghurts, steamed cheeses, lamb bratwurst and sausages, bio lamb meat on pre-order

FARM FROM NORTH BOHEMIA – cheeses of different types, goat, sheep and cow yoghurts and milk

MILK FARM FROM CENTRAL BOHEMIA – butter, milk, curd, yoghurt – plain or flavoured with forest fruit, muesli or nuts.

MILK FARM FROM MORAVIA – cow cheese, curd, yoghurts, milk products.

GOAT BIOFARM – bio goat and sheep milk, yoghurt, kefir, cheese, curd and meat products.

GOAT FARM – goat and cow cheeses of different types, curd, yoghurt, milk.

MORAVIAN CHEESES –  cheese strings, Caucasus cheese – made with traditional recipe, made with non-pasteurized milk, full of nutrition, you can grill this cheese without it melting.


Foreign delicacies
SLOVAKIAN SPECIALTIES – sheep cheese, žinčica, bryndza, meat products, sheep yoghurt drinks, cheeses Koliba and Rajec

HUNGARIAN DELICACIES – smoked meats, lard, bratwurst, home-made pickled cabbage and other pickled vegetables

SLOVENIAN DELICACIES – cheeses from small family companies, home-made prosciutto, pancetta, spices, tea, sea salt, oils, fresh bio vegetables and fruits.

TIROLEAN SPECIALTIES – cheeses made according to traditional recipes, bratwurst, lard, and other products from small companies in Tyrol


Vegetables, fruit, herbs, mushrooms

FARM FROM DOUPOV MOUNTAINS – Czech vegetables, fruit, honey and eggs from Doupovské mountains

BIOVEGETABLES – vegetables in bio quality – celery, carrots, runner beans, leeks, Hokkaido pumpkin, peppers, chili peppers, potatoes, red beetroot, zucchinis and tomatoes.

MICROGREENS – young plants harvested when first leaves start growing, local and fresh vegetables full of vitamins and minerals, year-round. Sunflower, horseradish, peas, Beluga lentils, broccoli, watercress, amaranth, buckwheat, basil, beet, cabbage.

ECOLOGICAL FRUIT – according to season – pears, appleas, plums, red currant, dried apples.

FRUIT ORCHARD FROM CENTRAL BOHEMIA – apples, pears, in season – cherries, plums, peaches from Mr. Procházka near Kolín

SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS – fresh or dried shiitake mushrooms.

EXOTIC FRUIT – tropical fruit and vegetables from farmers in Uganda

VEGETABLES FROM POLABÍ – seasonal vegetables, herbs and salads

SALAD QUEEN – seasonal vegetables, herbs and salads

VEGETABLES FROM THE CONFLUENCE OF THE RIVER OHŘE AND LABE – seasonal vegetables, herbs and salads

VEGETABLES FROM LITOMĚŘICE – seasonal vegetables, herbs and salads, flowers and herbs to plant

FARM FROM NEDOMICE – seasonal vegetables, herbs and salads


Cut flowers, flowers for planting, herbs, floral decorations

FLOWERS FROM CENTRAL BOHEMIA – flowers from Stehelčeves
FAMILY FLOWER SHOP – fresh flowers from the Bystrý family from Dřísy
FLOWERS FROM PEPA – cut or planted flowers
SEEDS AND GARDEN PLANTS – spring flowers, pussy willows, tulips, narcissus, beans, apples, apricots


Bread, baked goods
WHOLEWHEAT BAKERY DVORNÍK – whole-wheat and gluten-free baked goods, kolache, quiche, bread and salty snacks
FRGÁLY – different types of kolache and sweet baked goods, cheesecake, strudels, rye bread. 

YEAST BREAD – sourdough bread, live yeast

KOLACHE – big bread from Mšeno and fruit kolache

KOLACHE AND CAKES – great sweet kolache and salty quiche

BAKERY FROM NORTH BOHEMIA – regional bread from northern Bohemia, great koblihas (something like a filled donut), and kolache

BAGUETTE KING – hand-made baked goods – bread, baguettes, croissants, strudels, muffins. Try French delicacies – yeast, wheat, rye, wholemeal bread, baguettes, olive ficelle, butter, chocolate-filled, chocolate-covered or almond croissants, white and dark toast bread, big fruit strudels and muffins.

PITA BREAD & HUMMUS – homemade pita bread from Jirny, delicious hummus

OLD CZECH STUFFED BUNS – kolache and stuffed buns

GREAVE STICKS – hand-made greave sticks

STRUDELS AND VDOLKY – strudels and freshly-fried Czech vdolky

PAGÁČKY – traditionally-made pagáčky, long process of rising, then putting olives, greaves or bacon into the batter. Very tasty baked good, good with wine or beer. Sweet Bratislava rolls.
TRADITIONAL CAKE SHOP – kolache, cream rolls, cream puffs, macaroons, vdolky (fried donuts with plum jam and whipped cream on top) and more! Seasonal products on Easter and Christmas.


Cakes, desserts, cookies, chocolate

CHOCOLATE TREATS – chocolate-filled macaroons, hand-made bars of chocolate, chocolate from cocoa pods from South and Central America and Madagascar.

CAKESHOP KARLOVY VARY – cream rolls, cream puffs, strudels and fantastic small kolaches.

LOLLIPOPS – hand-made lollipops, without chemical preservatives.
GINGERBREAD AND GINGERBREAD SPECIALTIES – fresh gingerbread, marzipan, nougat, with nuts, with dried fruit, dipped in chocolate, lemon icing, rum icing, with plum jam, gingerbread strudel, honey gingerbread strudel, sheet gingerbread, decorated gingerbread.
KOLACHE – sweet and salty kolache, cheesecakes, macaroons, profiteroles, hummus.


Delicacies, marmalades, jams, pesto, oils, pasta

RAW OILS – Czech raw cold-pressed oils, poppy, walnut, flaxseed, mustard seed, rape, milk thistle, pumpkin seed or grape seed oils.
FRESH PASTA – fresh pasta, sauces and pesto from Kolová near Karlovy Vary

PULSE SPECIALTIES – pulse pasta, soups and purees, chickpea flour, dried apples, chickpea or almond balls

ECO-FARMER – honey, pickled things, syrups, dried and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

PESTO, HERBS AND TOAST – fresh herbs from Kokovice, according to season, different pestos – wild garlic, nettle, basil, coriander, lovage, parsley, dill, or sage

PICKLED CABBAGE HŘEBÍK – great pickled cabbage from Hrejkovice

AJVARS – traditional Balkan ajvars, ljutenica, pickled vegetables and fruit preserves from Macedonia.

MARMALADES – hand-made jams, marmalades and other delicacies – chutneys, pesto, pickled vegetables, sweet and sour pickles, flavoured oils

OLIVE OIL– pickled olives, dried fruits and vegetables, olive oils from a Czech and Spanish family farm.

FISH SPECIALTIES – gluten-free fish patties in a sweet and sour or spicy sauce and fish patés.


Honey, mead, honey products, nuts, dried fruit, cannabis, spices

HERBAL SYRUPS – elderflower, dandelion, thyme, mint, thyme, gingo&yerba mate, hibiscus, lavender (great for headaches), ginger, linden tree, plantain, cinnamon and others, according to season

SPICES – importing and processing of herbs of the highest quality possible – spice mixes, herbs from Crete, coconut products, masala chai.

HONEY FROM VYSOČINA – family beekeeping business from Vysočina, creamed, flower, and honeydew honey, honey flavoured with cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, chilli, cardamom and turmeric, nuts in honey. When in season – propolis creams, tincture and lip balm.
HONEY, MUSHROOMS AND HERBS – forest or flower honey, mushrooms – fresh, dried or pickled

LAVENDER STAND – lavender cider Švihák, lavender macaroons, lavender cosmetics, oils, honey and wicker shopping baskets, dried lavender to put into your clean laundry

ROASTED NUTS – roasted nuts and dried fruit

ROASTED ALMONDS – freshly-roasted almonds – sweet cinnamon, with Japanese umeboshi vinegar, with herbs and pink Himalayan salt, or unsalted.

MÜSLI – muesli, fruit dried in dry ice, porridge, nuts


Beer, wine, apple juice, cider, fruit and vegetable juice
FRESH JUICES – freshly-squeezed juice from seasonal fruits and vegetables (apples, pears, carrots, beet, and cucumber), herbs, berries and exotic fruit mixed with apple juice

LEMONADES, YOUNG WINE, MULLED WINE – young wine (burčák) from Hustopeč, red or white mulled wine, lemonades from fruit syrups

FRESH APPLE JUICE – freshly-pressed apple juice, hot apple juice, apple slushies, apple cider vinegar

APPLE JUICE AND PICKLED CABBAGE – apple juice, cabbage salads, pickled cabbage

BEER AND WINE – beer on draft, wines, juices from Louny

FAMILY BREWERY– non-pasteurized and non-filtered beers, made using traditional technology.

BLACKCURRANT WINE – great blackcurrant wine
WINERY FROM MORAVA – wines from Southern Moravia

WINERY FROM MĚLNÍK – a new Czech winery, that was created in 2015. Creates quality wines with grapes typical for the Czech Republic.
WINERY ŽÁDOVICE – great wines

COSTA RICAN COFFEE – coffee from farmers from Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kenya, India, Guatemala and other countries

BIRD FRIENDLY COFFEE – forest bio coffee with a Bird Friendly certification

COFFEE STAND – coffee is an experience

TEA STAND – green, black, matcha and masala teas

COFFEE ON A BIKE – warm coffee and chocolate drinks and teas

COFFEE STAND NEAR THE MUSIC – Fairtrade coffee of many types, teas, hot cocoa

BALKAN SPECIALTIES – Balkan burger, burek, grilled vegetables, eggplant and zucchini with a dressing, chicken skewers, home-made spinach pita bread, homemade quiche.

BURGERS – hamburgers, hot dogs, seasonal soups, steaks, vegetarian burgers.

TRADITIONAL BOHEMIAN REFRESHMENTS – Slovakian halušky with cabbage and smoked meat, baked potatoes, baked sausage meat, grilled bratwurst and meat skewers, quality meat products

FRENCH CREPES – Sweet buckwheat crepes filled with marmalade, caramel, dark or milk chocolate, maple syrup or sugar. Salty gluten-free buckwheat crepes filled with blue cheese, ham, spinach, nuts, cream, bacon, dried tomatoes. Salty galette with goat cheese, dried tomatoes with arugula, or with raclette cheese, bacon, red onion and cream.

ITALIAN REFRESHMENTS – panini, Stromboli (a salty turnover), parmesan rolls, samosas, salty crepes with mushrooms, filled pizza – 2 types, Sicilian pizza, mushroom soup, borsch, Italian bean soup, tomato soup or broccoli cream.

FRESH HOT PASTA – fresh filled ravioli and tortellini

VEGETARIAN REFRESHMENTS – vegetarian food, chutney, hummus, quiches, sushi, soups, teas, syrups

ASIAN REFRESHMENTS – dim sum dumplings – pork with shrimp, duck with bok choy, vegetable and other types according to season, made in traditional bamboo steamers and served with different types of sauces. Pork buns – steamed buns with baked bacon, hoisin sauce, pickles and spring onions. There is always a limited-edition product like ramen, laksa, curry, nasi goreng, pad thai, char siu etc.

POTATO PATTIES – patties made from cabbage, potatoes, lentils or other ingredients!

BROTH – broth in the winter and seasonal hand-made lemonades in the summer


Hand-made products, ceramics, cosmetics
ORIGINAL STONEWARE CERAMICS – original stoneware vases, plates, bowls, teacups, teapots and other ceramic creations, hand-made originals
STRIPED CERAMICS – great huge mugs and other ceramics

HP CERAMICS – useful ceramics, hand-made and hand-painted
BLACK AND WHITE CERAMICS – black and white ceramics
CERAMICS MAJOLIKA – striped coloured ceramics, blue stoneware, candles made from beeswax
TEXTILE CREATIONS – natural, hand-sewn products from natural materials. Fabric bags, decorations, pillows, bags, dolls, craft sets…
CROCHET HATS – hand-made crochet winter hats and scarves.
BAREFOOT SHOES – hand-made shoes
HAT MAKER – handmade hats – women’s, men’s, children’s and historical
BASKETS – baskets and other wickerwork

TIN AND COPPER JEWELLERY – tin, copper, brass, wood and resin jewellery

BEAUTIFUL GIFTS – art from wood, hand-made creations

WOODWORKING – bowls and plates from fruit wood

GLASS VASES AND TABLEWARE – recycled glass products
CANDLES – hand-made candles, decorated with dried flowers

HERBAL OILS – herbal body oils, herbal salts, macerated herbs
NATURAL COSMETICS – soap, shampoos, shaving soap, lip balm, special hand care

GOAT SOAP – please support our shelter that saves old, handicapped and unwanted goats. We sell cannabis soaps made with goat milk and cannabis balms, certified to help with acne, eczema and psoriasis.

MOULDS, COOKIE CUTTERS – moulds and cookie cutters for baking, Bundt cake moulds, cake moulds, piping bags, other baking accessories!

YAK WOOL ACCESSORIES – winter accessories from yak and camel wool from Mongolia, Fair trade, https://www.facebook.com/noosconcept/

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