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Pivo na Náplavce 2014


We’re delighted to announce that there’s the second year of festival of small and mini Czech breweries – ‘Pivo na Náplavce‘ to be held. The two days of praising more than 100 of beer-specials made by 40 excellent Czech small/mini breweries will begin on Friday 30th at 2pm and will continue on Saturday 31st from 11am. Both festival days will finish by 9pm. The festival will be located at the usual Saturday’s Market spot – on the right side of the river, in between the ‘Palackého‘ bridge and the Railway bridge.

Since the limited edition of beer prepared for ‘Pivo na Náplavce‘ in 2013 was a big success, we‘ve decided to make a tradition out of it. This time there’ll be 300 litres of 12% light lager waiting for you in bottles or on tap (draft form available on Saturday from 2pm) under the honnourable title ‘Vltavský motýlek‘ (Vltava’s Butterfly). For purpose of making a load of festival’s beer we asked no other but ‘Plzeňský Pašák‘, the proud winner of ‘Pivo na Náplavce‘ 2013 Most-Favourite-Brewery Competition. The profit from draft Vltava’s Butterfly will be dedicated to the NGO ‘Ztracené dítě‘ (cooperating on international level with the NGO ‘Missing children Europe‘), providing help for children and adults in need.

We couldn’t even imagine the beer festival with no beer souvenirs. Except for the fact, that every stand will offer their own beer souvenirs, there will be souvenirs of ‘Vltava’s Butterfly‘ available, too. And as a part of the Saturday’s programme, there’ll be the beer-flea market (11am-2pm) held by the members of the Prague’s Beer Souvenir Collector Society.

Even those, who don’t favour beer, won’t be disappointed. There’ll be Czech limonades, ciders and perhaps even some harsher alcoholic beverages. For all the foodies, there’ll be a lot of so called beer gastronomy to enjoy: juicy burgers, fish and smoked products on grill, fried potato chips, all kinds of spreads coming on delicious bread, original crepes, vegetarian specialties and other delicatessen will be waiting for you! And as a matter of course, there’ll be a usual Saturday’s Farmers‘ Market running from 8am to 2pm elegantly attachted to the festival.     

We’ve prepared a cultural programme to please your souls. Andrej Polák and Pavel Richta will guide us through it together with the bands Calm Season, Hot Wings Band, Fabric Relations, Aurora Jazzband, the Fribbles and the DJ Kid Dynamit.

Instead of the classic ticket, the entrance will be in the form of a beer-mug (that will be later used for the degustation). There will be two types of them for you to choose: a labelled one, coming in a set together with a pen, a beermat and a catalogue of all the breweries participating. This set’s price will be 200,- CZK. The other variant is a non-labelled beer-mug: coming either solo (60,- CZK) or in a set for advantageous price (80,- CZK).

We’re deeply honnoured that Marian Jurečka, the Minister of Agriculture, and Jiří Vávra, the deputy minister of the Prague‘s Mayor, have both taken the patronage over ‘Pivo na Náplavce‘ 2014.

Coming and drafting soon:

SMALL BREWERIES (annual beer production 10 000 – 200 000 hL):

‘Bakalář Rakovník‘; ‘Dudák Strakonice‘; ‘Ferdinand Benešov‘; ‘Chotěboř‘; ‘Nová Paka‘; ‘Konrad Vratislavice‘; ‘Primátor Náchod‘; ‘Postřižiny Nymburk‘ a ‘Lobkowicz‘ Breweries (‘Černá Hora‘, ‘Rychtář Hlinsko‘ a ‘Vysoký Chlumec‘)

MINIBREWERIES (annual beer production up to 10 000 hL):

‘Antoš Slaný‘; ‘Bizon Čižice‘; ‘Břevnovský klášterní pivovar sv. Vojtěcha Praha‘ (‘Břevnov’s monastery brewery of St. Vojtech in Prague‘); ‘Hostomice pod Brdy‘; ‘Institue of Hops in Žatec‘ – the experimental brewery; ‘Chýně‘; ‘Brewery Kounice‘; ‘Kozlíček Horní Dubenky‘; ‘Lipan Dražíč‘; ‘Maxmilian Kroměříž‘; ‘MMX Lety u Dobřichovic‘; ‘The Blue Star Dobřany‘; ‘Mostecký Kahan‘; ‘Na Rychtě Ústí nad Labem‘; ‘Prague’s New Town brewery‘; ‘Permon Sokolov‘; ‘The Brewery House of Zvíkov‘; ‘Plzeňský Pašák‘; ‘Podlesí‘; ‘The First Private Yet Social Brewery (Svatovar) Lipník nad Bečvou‘; ‘Purkmistr Plzeň‘; ‘Jihlava’s City Hall Brewery‘; ‘The Blind Ground Hog Ujkovice‘; ‘Starokladno‘; ‘U Stočesů Rokycany‘; ‘The Three Roses of Prague‘; ‘Valášek Vsetín‘; ‘Všerad Všeradice‘


‘Two Tales Prague‘; ‘Zemský Pivovar Praha‘
We’re very looking forward to seeing you! May God grant luck and joy!

Farmers‘ Market Prague:
Náplavka – Saturdays 8am – 2pm
Jiřák – Wednesdays and Fridays 8am – 6pm, Saturdays 8am – 2pm

More information to be found at www.farmarsketrziste.cz/en  and www.facebook.com/ftpraha
Jiří Sedláček, Archetyp, media@farmarsketrziste.cz

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