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Easter is here again and with it spring has arrived. As we are used to, at Náplavka, traditions will mingle with metropolis. We have prepared a surprising mix for Sunday, April 15th. Regular farmer’s market will be well-prepared from 8am-2pm for Easter holidays with its wide array of delicacies, herbs, flowers…and something extra!

What you definitely should not miss, will be the special extended part of the market located under Výtoň. Here, from 8am-4pm, you will have a chance to see and taste some Easter classics with a pinch of exoticism.

Raw delicacies or hipster pop-up cake shop will meet folklore. All the way from south Moravia there will be granny painted Easter eggs, earthware, indigo prints, slivovitz (plum brandy), but also contemporary design inspired by Moravian folklore motives. Some traditional crafts are also going to be presented. Veronika Koucká from studio Dubina is going to beautifully paint children’s faces, also the ones of adults if they wish so :)

You can try to weave the traditional Easter stick, or you can simply buy it together with pussy willows, twigs, or birch tree leaves. You can experiment with making your own toy with Koira Kissa. You will have a chance to make your own herbal smoothie pedalling the Futurola bike. Exotic fresh and dried fruits, including avocado are going to be among the unique guests of the market.

Planting is an inseparable part of Easter so you will be able to find various vegetable and flower seedlings, together with Easter decorations for the table. Award winning Marcela will bake both Bohemian and Moravian cakes and pastry, you will find her stand right next to the Slovak “pagáče”, kokedama, Martina’s wasp’s nest jewellery, etc.

PS: this collage was made of last year’s photos

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