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Starting this Saturday April 30th, there are going to be workshop and chill out zone for children and parents as well as new sellers!

From Saturday April 30th, there is an extended farmer’s market at Náplavka under the Výtoň’s “clock”:

Firstly, there is going to be a workshop and chill out zone where children and their parents can create something or just relax on mat or pillows. The entrance is free with voluntary allowance.
Secondly, there are going to be new sellers in the market. For example, fresh Czech flowers, amazing sweet shop Meteor, Japanese Matcha tee, Rawstlinka and Salt’n Pepa refreshments as well as purely natural home-made Czech cosmetics, natural Czech oils Dědolej, ecological Czech drugstore Tierra Verde and many others like charitable workshop of skillful grandmothers who crochet teddy bears and toys in order to help the asylum houses in the Czech Republic.

At what dates can you enjoy these amazing experiences mentioned above?

April 30th, May 7th, May 21st, June 11th, August 27th, September 3rd, September 24th, October 1st, October 8th, December 10th and December 17th.
The participants are going to change according to seasons and harvest but it is always going to be enrichment and surprise for the visitors and the market itself! We are going to disclose here the full list of the participants to each date step by step.

We would like to also remind you of the dates when the farmer’s market at Náplavka is moved due to the other events in 2016:

May 28th – the farmer’s market is moved to Palackeho Namesti (square) and beyond the railway bridge due to the Ratolest festival. Nevertheless, there is going to be the farmer’s market at Jiřák taking place as well.

June 4th – the farmer’s market is going to be moved to Palackeho Namesti (square) only due to the Primátorky. However, the farmer’s market at Jiřák is going to run according to its ordinary schedule.

…Unfortunately, there is going to be one more market cancelled in Autumn. The date will be specified soon nevertheless, it is still better to cancel one market than to be moved away forever :).

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