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On Saturday, September 7, you can find everything you need at Kubáň. There will be live country music all the way from the USA and Scotland!

Be on the lookout for:

The Czech-Italian milk farm Latteria di Antonio, who will bring fresh milk from the Krhanice farm, cream cheese, yoghurts, cream, butter, cheeses made from Czech milk using Italian recipes: mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, scarmoza and fresh cheeses with herbs.

New bakery České pečivo, who will broaden the variety of baked goods at the market. It will offer many kinds of goods, like kolache, spelt sweet stuffed buns, rye bread with carrots, rye and wholemeal rolls, and gluten-free buckwheat bread.

You can also buy fresh apples, pears and other autumn produce at the market!

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