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We invite you to join us for our pig-slaughtering feast!

Saturday, February 29 – Farmer’s market + pig-slaughtering feast prepared by Slaughterhouse Tismice and Mr. František Foltýn.

Tripe sausage, blood sausage, black soup, cooked pig head, goulash, crackling, brawn and much more! If you are not celebrating lent, you can enjoy some goodies!

To go with all of these specialties, there will be beer on tap from Hák’s steam minibrewery from Mlékojedy near Litoměřice. You will be able to taste an 11 degree unfiltered Czech lager, that is bottom-fermented and has a light golden colour. There are 3 types of hop plants in this beer. There will also be an ale beer, called Kotvičník, that is a top-fermented beer, that has a coppery colour. This beer has puncture vine added to it. There will also be bottled beers for you to buy and enjoy at home.

There will be live music.

Come and enjoy Saturday with us!

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