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What will you find at Kubáň on Saturday, August 10?

  • Great marmalades and syrups from Radka Bedyáková and her Creative culinary work
  • Zach’s pesto and chili
  • Goat farm Létající koza (Flying goat)
  • Summer vegetables, fruit and herbs from Czech farmers
  • For the first time – Greek delicacies – Czech Lucie and Greek Theofanis will bring extra virgin olive oil from the family farm Zafrakopoulos, black and green olives, herbs and teas from the Greek mountains, vinegar and balsamic vinegar, feta cheese, greek yoghurts and sweet halva
  • For the first time – Mexican specialties La Proveeduría – coffee, spices, cocoa and chili from small farmers in Mexico


SMOKED MEAT Robert Metelec – pork smoked on beech or fruit wood

TISMICE SLAUGHTERHOUSE – meat products, patés, meat in sauce

GRILLED FISH – zander, trout and fish patties made on a grill

FARM GABRIELKA Miroslav Zedníček – Bio milk, butter, cheeses, cream cheese, sour cream

BAČOVSKÉ CHEESES – sheep cheeses, žinčica (a Slovakian specialty – a sheep milk drink, similar to kefir), bryndza (a Slovakian specialty – soft cheese), and different meat specialties

GOAT FARM LÉTAJÍCÍ KOZA – goat cheese, cream cheese

MILK FARM LATTERIA DI ANTONIO – authentic Italian mozzarella and burratta, scamorza

EGGS CHOURANICE – free-range eggs


ORCHARDS TUCHORAZ – fruit and fruit juices, sea buckthorn, asparagus

VEGETABLES MALÝCH – vegetables, fruits, herbs

VEGETABLES ROBERT MACHKA – vegetables and herbs

VEGETABLES NĚMČIČKY – vegetables, flowers, fruits and planting stock from South Moravia

PLUMS FROM TOČNÍK – plums from and eco orchard in Český ráj

FLOWERS FROM PEPA – cut and potted flowers

BAKERY VELÍŠEK – bread, baked goods, desserts

BISTRO ZAKÁZANÉ OVOCE – traditional pagáčky and vanilla crescents

CAKE SHOP KARLOVY VARY – cream rolls, cream puffs, strudels and fantastic kolache

KAFE U MĚ – coffee, hot cocoa

BUBBA BREAD – banana bread and other sweet treats made with bananas

CREATIVE CULINARY WORK – syrups, jams, chutneys, marmalades

TROCHU JINÁ TOČENÁ – ice cream made with a family recipe

PESTOS AND CHILI – pestos and chili

LA PROVEEDURÍA – Mexican specialties – coffee, spices, cocoa, chili

ORIGINAL GREEK SHOP – Greek delicacies – olive oil, olives, Greek yoghurt, feta cheese, legumes

FRESH JUICES – freshly-pressed juices from seasonal fruits and vegetables

WINERY SEDLÁČEK – draft beer, wine

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