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The first farmer’s market of 2020 at Kubáň will happen on Saturday, February 1. We will open the market with roasting some good quality sausages above a fire. We will also be roasting sausages on February 8, 15 and 22.

We will lend you metal sticks to roast the sausages on, and we will provide the sausages, bread, mustard and ketchup! Come and join us, and bring your family and friends, as well as a little bit of money and a good mood!

On February 29., you can look forward to a ‘zabijačka’ (pig-slaughtering) feast.

If the weather is good, you will also see familiar faces, like the Zedníčkovi family with fresh milk and yoghurts, Cakeshop Karlovy Vary, Velíšek bakery, Indian refreshments, Pepík’s fish grill, apples, vegetables Dřísy and meat products from Morava, or Slaughterhouse Tismice and much more!

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