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Most of us spend more time at home now, baking and cooking, so come and fill your basket with some cooking or baking supplies! You can also get a bite to eat there, like grilled fish from Pepa Grunt, or lokshe from Zuzka.

Mrs Zuzka, a television producer, decided during the coronavirus times that you have to eat healthy and decided to start cooking again. As a young girl, she helped her grandmother make lokshe in large amounts. Her grandmother was from Pezinok, near Bratislava, Slovakia. The surrounding villages (like Slovenský and Chorvátsky Grob) became famous for their lokshe.

Lokshe are made from cooked potatoes, that are grated and mixed with flour and salt. The dough is then rolled out thin and baked in a hot hob.

Zuzka’s lokshe are made with love, following traditional recipes. There are many flavors to choose from: with bryndza and bell pepper, with spinach, filled with ground meat, goose liver, or plain ones with garlic. If you have a sweet tooth, try lokshe with plum butter and chocolate, or plum butter with nuts or poppy seeds.

See you at Kubáň!


Slaughterhouse Tismice – traditional Czech meat products, sausages, brawn, smoked meat and meatloaf in a bun

Turkey farm Brniště – fresh meat and meat products

Poultry farm Holýšov – chicken, geese, rooster

Meat farm Lažiště – mature beef

Grilled fish – from Pepa Grunt


Bio Farm Zedníček – milk, butter, sour cream, yoghurts, cream cheese

Milk Kopecký – goat’s and cow’s milk, yoghurt, goat, cow and sheep cheese



Farm Chouranice – free-range eggs

Eggs Kosičky – barn and free-range eggs



Tuchoraz orchard / Apple Bohemia – apples, apricots, nuts, fresh apple juice, honey

Vegetables Dřísy – lettuce, herbs, vegetables from Polabí

Vegetables Malých – cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, lettuce

Vegetables Kloubských – cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, lettuce, herbs

Horticulture Němčičky – vegetables and fruits from Moravia



Martin Hakl – flowers from Dřísy

Floral atelier Flowers from Pepa – bouquets



Bakery Velíšek Kamenice – sourdough bread, baked goods, kolache

Bakery Our bread (Náš chléb) – homemade bread, baked goods, kolache



Cake shop Karlovy Vary – cream rolls, cream puffs, strudels and fantastic kolaches.

T&T Old Bohemian treats – carrot cookies, poppy seed rolls, quiche


Baked tea Angel – fruit baked tea

Marmalade mill – homemade marmalade and syrups


Ceramics Vaňáčová – decorated ceramics



Fresh-Juices – fresh juice made from fruits and vegetables

The Slovakian lady – potato lokshe

Café Majada – coffee from a barista

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