English Čeština

On Saturday, September 19, our good old friends will be back at Kubáň. It is autumn, so there are plenty of pumpkins, cucumbers, cauliflower… There will also be fresh apples and freshly-pressed apple juice from Tuchoraz Orchard.

There will be slower growing chicken, rooster to make soup out of and ducks that you can roast from Poultry farm Holýšov.

Markéta Kulhánková will bring useful and beautiful clothing for children. She also makes face masks for adults and children!

You can also get quail eggs from Eggs Košičky! Eco Farm Úlovice will bring Czech horseradish, and bio spelt or rye flour. You will also be able to buy herbal syrups, Moravian and Czech wines, as well as burčák (young wine)!

There will also be foreign goodies – real Slovakian lokshe that you can eat at the market or have them packed to go. A Greek shop will offer olive oil, and Greek cheeses and yoghurts.

Come and visit Kubáň this Saturday, get some coffee from Majada, or burčák (young wine), or fresh juice. The Daltones will be playing live for you as you are picking out your shopping.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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