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Grow your own chilli peppers at home! They contain capsaicin, which speeds up the metabolism. Spicy food with chilli is not fattenning, chilli lowers your craving for sweet and fatty food, it lowers your cholesterol, boosts your libido and increases your endorphin production! At the Horticulture Sušice stand, you can choose from different types of chilli pepper plants.

Meat farm Lažiště will bring matured beef, so you can make chili con carne for lunch. If you want something to drink, pick up some burčák (young wine). Get some fresh juices or bio milk for your kid. You can try Russian pieorgi (small stuffed buns), dark bread, or Slovakian lokshe (potato pancakes).

After a summer break, Creative culinary Beydyzka is back, with their marmalades, jams, dressings, grilling sauces and chutneys! Radka Bejdáková’s marmalades won the Double Gold prize in England.

There will be live music from Circus Problem, the sun will be shining, and you can fill your baskets with all kinds of goodies! See you at Kubáň!

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