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Saturday, October 26:

This year’s produce is coming to Kubáň! Everything will be for a fair price too. Mr. Julius Bug has a walnut orchard near Kolín and he does this as a hobby. You can buy walnuts from him at these prices: this year’s cracked nuts 280,-Kč/kg, this year’s uncracked nuts 60,-Kč/kg, last year’s uncracked nuts, still in good shape 20,-Kč/kg.

If you want to stock up for winter, come on October 26 or November 2 (there might be more dates, we will let you know).

On Saturday, October 26, you can also look forward to mozzarella, ricotta and other great cheeses from Italian milk farm Latteria di Antonio, grilled chicken, delicious meat products, autumn vegetables and Czech apples and much more!

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