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On Saturday, June 27, at 10:15, there will be a puppet show for kids from the Buchty a loutky theatre. Between 10-12, there will also be an art workshop for kids. Both of these will be free.

You will be able to buy strawberries, cherries, fresh bio goat or cow’s milk, cheeses, meat products, spring vegetables, herbs, plants, as well as bread, stuffed buns, kolache… There will also be poultry from Mr. Kubec. He won’t be back until September, so be sure to stop by.

Also, Hák’s steam brewery and great coffee from Café Majada.

From 11:00, D. O. R. A. will be playing live.

Come and enjoy the last Saturday in June!

List of attendees:

Slaughterhouse Tismice – traditional Czech meat products, sausages, smoked meat and meatloaf in a bun
Turkey farm Brniště – fresh meat and meat products
Poultry farm Holýšov – chicken, duck, rooster, geese from Vysočina
Grilled fish – from Pepa Grunt, only to-go

Biofarm Zedníček – milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, cream cheese
Milk Kopecký – goat and cow’s milk, goat, cow and sheep cheese

Farm Chouranice – free-range eggs
Eggs from Košičky – nest-laid and free-range eggs

Tuchoraz orchard Apple Bohemia – apples, pears, seasonal vegetables, fresh apple juice, honey
Vegetables Dřísy – salads, herbs, vegetables from Polabí
Vegetables Malých – vegetable and flower plants, potatoes, spring vegetables
Vegetables Kloubských – vegetable and flower plants, potatoes, spring vegetables
Vegetables from Klárka – fresh vegetables, lettuce and radishes
Horticulture Němčičky – potted flowers, flowers to be planted, fruit
Strawberries from Kunratice – strawberries
Kunratice strawberries – strawberries
Fruit farm Košťál – cherries

Flowers from Pepa – bouquets
Martin Hakl – potted flowers, flowers to be planted

Bakery Velíšek Kamenice – bread, baked goods, kolache
Bakery Náš chléb – bread, baked goods, kolache
Cakeshop Karlovy Vary – kolache, cream rolls, cream puffs, kolache, gingerbread, studels
Traditional Slovakian pagáčky – crackling, garlic, cabbage, with olives, tomatoes
Grandma’s pantry – gluten-free homemade baked goods

Hořické trubičky – traditional tube-shaped dessert from Hořice
T&T Old Bohemian treats – carrot cake, old Bohemian crescents

Radka Bejdáková – creative culinary


Family beekeeping Kameníkovi – honey, cocoa or cranberry honey, candles, mead

Dřevotéka – wooden toys, games and kitchen utensils, made in the Czech Republic

Fresh juices – fresh juices from fruits and vegetables, only to-go
Winery Winezone – Moravian wines, only to-go
Hák’s steam brewery – bottled beer
Café Majada – coffee from a barista
Slovakian lokshe – lokshe (thin potato pancakes), pagáčky (baked goods made with greaves)

Good-quality meat products, poultry, grilled fish, spring vegetables, cherries, strawberries, apple juice, goat and cow‘s milk


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