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On Saturday, August 22, there will be a great selection of summer fruit at Kubáň. We still have strawberries from Břežany!

The summer has been warm, just like it should be. Tuchoraz Orchard will bring different types of plums – for example damson and yellow plums, strawberries and raspberries from Břežany, the last apricots of the season, juicy peaches… As a refreshment, have some Bohemian apple juice from Tuchoraz Orchard as well.

If you like meat, get some matured beef from Meat farm Lažiště from southern Bohemia, or turkey from the Brniště farm. There will also be great quality meat products from Slaughterhouse Tismice.

There will also be plenty of vegetables to put on your plate! The vegetable stalls are very colorful – cauliflower, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce… Which one will you choose?

If you want something for lunch, there will be baked fish from Pepa Grunt, with a salad made from purple cabbage, mayonnaise and peas.

There will be a variety of things to frink, like beer from Hák’s steam brewery, fresh juices, or coffee from Café Majada. Have you tried their espresso with tonic yet? Definitely try it, it will help you feel energised.

There will be live music from Martin Sedlák.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Slaughterhouse Tismice – traditional Czech meat products, sausages, brawn, smoked meat and meatloaf in a bun

Turkey farm Brniště – fresh meat and meat products

Meat farm Lažiště – mature beef

Grilled fish – from Pepa Grunt


Bio Farm Zedníček – milk, butter, sour cream, yoghurts, cream cheese

Milk Kopecký – goat’s and cow’s milk, yoghurt, goat, cow and sheep cheese



Farm Chouranice – free-range eggs

Eggs Kosičky – barn and free-range eggs



Tuchoraz orchard Apple Bohemia – apples, apricots, nuts, fresh apple juice, honey

Vegetables Dřísy – lettuce, herbs, vegetables from Polabí

Vegetables Malých – cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, lettuce

Vegetables Kloubských – cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, lettuce, herbs

Vegetables from Klárka – fresh vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes

Horticulture Němčičky – vegetables and fruits from Moravia



Flowers Semela – potted flowers, floral decorations

Floral atelier Flowers from Pepa – bouquets



Bakery Velíšek Kamenice – bread, baked goods, kolache



Cake shop Karlovy Vary – cream rolls, cream puffs, strudels and fantastic kolaches.


NEW – Buckthorn shop – syrups and tinctures from Sea Buckthorn and other herbs



Fresh-Juices – fresh juice made from fruits and vegetables

Winery Winezone – Czech wines from Moravia

Hák’s steam brewers – draft and bottled beer

Café Majada – coffee from a barista

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