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What will be new this week at Kubáň?

There will be coffee to go from Café Majda, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

TUESDAY May 19 – the first Czech strawberries of the season!

It will be strawberries from Berry servis from Břežany in Bohemia. Strawberries will be at Kubáň all the way until July, every single market day. Soon, there will also be more strawberries – Strawberries from Kunratice!


New bakery and cake shop Muffin Concept: carrot cake, cupcakes, cheesecakes, fruit strudels, brownies, English muffins, quiche and much more!

Honey from a beekeeper: honey, candles from beeswax for a good price!

Angel flakes: handmade raw cookies, bars, roasted almonds with different flavorings, healthy breakfast muesli

Wickework products and baskets: baskets of all shapes and sizes, you can buy some to carry your fruits and vegetables home, there will also be laundry baskets or baskets to store your fireplace wood, small wooden kitchen accessories, or straw place setting for your table.

SATURDAY, May 23: white porcelain mugs, plates and bowls with black illustrations from Jana Krejčovská!

Also flowers, a new cake shop, eggs – the full list will be here shortly!

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