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Come to the farmer’s market Kubáň on the first day of autumn, so on Tuesday, September 22!

This year’s beginning of autumn falls on September 22 at 15:31! At this time, the sun is leaving Virgo and entering the Libra zodiac sign.

We still need to support our immune systems, so get some fresh vegetables from our farmers, or apples or plums from Tuchoraz Orchard. Remember, an apple of day keeps the doctor away!

You can buy sourdough bread made from rye flour at Bakery Velíšek. It is better for our body than bread from wheat flour. Rye contains less carbohydrates, so it is less calorie-dense and we feel fuller from it for a longer time. Wholemeal bread also contains more fiber and minerals!

You can also get refreshments at the market. Get grilled fish from Pepa Grunt, vegetarian indian meals, or Russian pierogies filled with meat or cheese. They are delicious!

We are looking forward to see you!

Who will be at the market?

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