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Come to Kubáň on Saturday, August 15, for a big portion of vitamins!

You can boost your health with herbal syrups – Sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn with echinacea, or with ginger. You will also get tinctures, for example from nasturtian, milk thistle, or dandelion. The help with digestion problems, a cold, and they function as antibiotics. Mr. Šimek will help you with choosing them.

Flowers from Pepa are back at the market after a short break.

For a Sunday lunch, buy some beef, fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, goat’s or cow’s milk. If you want something sweet, buy some fruit or fresh fruit juice from Fresh Juices. Get some coffee from Café Majada. As a decoration for your table, get a bouquet from Pepa.

If you are hungry at the market, you can buy grilled fish from Pepa Grunt.

There will be live music from The Daltones – they will play country and blues.


Slaughterhouse Tismice – traditional Czech meat products, sausages, brawn, smoked meat and meatloaf in a bun

Meat farm Lažiště – aged beef

Grilled fish – from Pepa Grunt


Milk Kopecký – goat’s milk and cheese, sheep’s and cow’s cheese



Farm Chouranice – free-range eggs

Eggs Kosičky – barn and free-range eggs



Tuchoraz orchard Apple Bohemia – apples, apricots, nuts, fresh apple juice, honey

Vegetables Dřísy – lettuce, herbs, vegetables from Polabí

Vegetables Malých – cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, salads, herbs

Vegetables Kloubských – cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pumpkin, potatoes, salads, herbs

Vegetables from Klárka – fresh vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes

Činčura blueberries – South Bohemian blueberries



Horticulture Semela – potted plants, floral decorations

Flowers from Pepa – bouquets



Bakery Velíšek Kamenice – bread, baked goods, kolache

Our bread (Náš chléb) – rye sourdough, baked goods, kolache



Cake shop Karlovy Vary – cream rolls, cream puffs, strudels and fantastic kolaches.



Sea Buckthorn (NEW) – syrups and tinctures with Sea buckthorn and other herbs



Fresh-Juices – fresh juice made from fruits and vegetables

Winery Winezone – Czech wines from Moravia

Café Majada – coffee from a barista

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