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This Friday and Saturday at Jiřák are the days dedicated to popular sweet and red type of Czech fruit – the strawberries. The strawberry festival is taking place on Friday June 24th and on Saturday June 25th and you can look forward to everything related to strawberries you can actually think of.

The offer is going to be quite wide including strawberry dumplings, cocktails, lemonades, pancakes, strawberry soup – gazpacho but also other assortment such as beautiful ceramic products, glass atelier, t-shirts with floral motives, natural cosmetics made of roses and hand made soaps, jewelry and beautiful flowers.

Our amazing strawberry growers – Mr. Jiří Jakoubek (strawberries from Kunratice), Mr. Michal Jakoubek (strawberries from Kunratice) and Šupíkovi (Louny gardens) are going to sell strawberries of the best quality. In case, you would like to have more information about them, you can have a look at their teasers.  Part of this event is naturally going to be the regular farmer’s market with the best actual seasonal products that perfectly match this fruity event as well as flowers ‘market.

There is going to be a creative workshop for children and life music show. The Brownies are performing from 10 till 12 on Saturday June 25th.

Come and taste strawberry dumplings, buy beautiful ceramic products, floral headband or listen to pleasant music. You are more then welcome no matter what is the reason of your visit.

More information www.farmarsketrziste.cz

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