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Farmers’ market’s season is at its best and the sweet time of the strawberry harvest has come. You may look forward to all forms of this favourite fruit: fresh strawberries,
strawberry ice-cream, strawberry dumplings with grated quark, raw strawberry finger-food, marmalades and jams, strawberry gazpacho soup or strawberry pancakes.
Next to the regular farmers’ market there will be artists and sellers from the portal Fler.cz offering their best products: ceramics ‘Vanda and Valerie’, ‘EmaMaMisu’, atelier ‘Modrokvět’,
and more! The selection of fine cosmetics can’t be missing: soapery ‘Šiva’, ‘the Heavenly Soupery’ or the original products with an essence of the famous Bulgarian rose.
Because our team always tries bringing a programme that would be fun for the whole family, there’s a creative workshop for children prepared and for each of the days there’s a live band or a DJ.
Last but not least there’s a chocolate fountain for everyone to enjoy looking at and to dip yummy strawberries in!

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