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Dear friends, the town hall of Prague 3 decided to announce an open competition for a new organizer of Farmer’s market Jiřák (FM Jiřák) for the season of 2017-2018. We entered the competition and based on the decision of the evaluating committee of the city district Prague 3, we placed 2nd after Word Production, s.r.o. As the founding organization of Farmer’s market Jiřák, we are leaving on December 31st 2016 and in the next two years, another subject is going to take over the maintenance of the farmer’s market. We can’t predict how things are going to unfold, we also don’t know all the details of the decision. If we hear any news, we will be glad to inform you.

Short recapitulation and thanks: In 2010 NGO Archetyp approached (through a letter) the city district of Prague 3 with a request to organize farmer’s market in its area. After a series of negotiation, we signed a contract with the city district of Prague 3 and since September 8th 2010, we maintained the market both in the organizational and ideological sense. First, the market was open for two days a week (Wednesday and Saturday), later Friday and Thursday were added. In 2014 FM Jiřák became a lawful member of the Association of Farmer’s Markets Czech Republic and as the first market in the Czech Republic (and perhaps the only), included the so-called “local documentation certification”. FM Jiřák is know-how of NGO Archetyp.

We want to thank all visitors and of course, all the others who were involved and contributed to the operations of the market!

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