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Rhubarb sprouts up in spring just as the last frost fades away. Only the rhubarb stalks are edible. Harvest time lasts until mid June – according to tradition until the day of Svaty Jan (24 June). There is actually more oxalic acid in older leafstalks than in younger ones, and in large quantities this acid stresses the kidneys. For the same reason, one should not prepare rhubarb in an aluminum pot because aluminum reacts with oxalic acid. One must harvest the leafstalks while they are still young. Ideally, they’ll measure 30 to 40 centimeters, any longer and they’ll begin to become tough and woody and the wonderful and highly acclaimed aroma from such dry stalks will disappear. It’s ideal to get rhubarb from a good farmers market. Everyone who brings rhubarb to Jiřák and Náplavka is a direct and authorized grower.

Our farmers, in detail: http://www.farmarsketrziste.cz/en/certified-farmers All the rhubarb here is harvested by traditional family farmers, therefore it is in the best condition, and the leafstalks are harvested when they are young and fresh.

When, where, and for what price can you get rhubarb at Jiřák and Náplavka?:

On Wednesday at Jiřák:

Dřísy Nursery…. 25-30Kč/approx. 0.5 kg package
Kostka Vegetables from Kopisty…. 40 Kč/approx. 0.75 kg package (Here they have the rhubarb variety known as “raspberry,” which has a distinct fruit flavor and aroma.)
Ovčáry Vegetables… 50-60 Kč/kg

On Friday at Jiřák:

Dřísy Nursery…. 25Kč/approx. 0.5 kg package
Kostka Vegetables from Kopisty…. 40 Kč/approx. 0.75 kg package (Here they have the rhubarb variety known as “raspberry,” which has a distinct fruit flavor and aroma.)

On Saturday at Jiřák:

Dřísy Nursery…. 25Kč/approx. 0.5 kg package
Tišice Vegetables…. approx. 50 Kč/kg

On Saturday at Náplavka:

Šťastný Family Vegetables…. approx. 50-55 Kč/kg
Ovčáry Vegetables… approx. 50 Kč/kg
Kalibanový Family Vegetables approx. 50 Kč/kg

What to do with rhubarb?

Rhubarb needs to be prepared with heat. It’s pleasant to work with, as young leafstalks only need to be peeled a little bit (I actually don’t peel them at all), they’re easy to cut, and their color range during cooking is miraculous – from raspberry red to light green – and that flavor! For me rhubarb is always a special occasion, a sign that summer and the most beautiful part of the year is coming. :)

One excellent choice, for example, is strawberry preserves with rhubarb. I recommend three parts strawberries to one part rhubarb and a pinch of pure vanilla.

A legendary and simple treat is rhubarb koláč with curds (Curds or yogurt lessen the effect of oxalic acid in rhubarb, but this isn’t necessary. Only a very small percent of people tend to have problems with rhubarb.)

Also excellent is rhubarb as a side with steak, stewed with meat, lightly salted.

RECIPE – Curd koláč with rhubarb

Ingredients for dry dough:

2 cups of medium ground whole-wheat flour (I recommend BioVavřince)
½ cup of whole-wheat fine semolina (BioVavřince again :) )
0.5 – 1 cup of sugar, depending on how sweet you want it
1 baking powder
300 grams of cream (or 150 grams of butter)

Ingredients for filling:

750 grams of curds
3 eggs
1 cup of powdered sugar
1 vanilla sugar
400 grams of rhubarb
A little powdered sugar for sprinkling
A little cinnamon
Baking paper


Mix the ingredients for the dry dough – flour, fine semolina, sugar and baking powder. Lay out the baking paper on a baking sheet with high sides. Don’t grease it, but put on the paper half of the dry dough mixture. Next, make the curd filling. Mix the curds with the eggs, and pour the filling on the dry dough mix on the paper in the pan. Place pieces of cut rhubarb on the filling. Sprinkle the other half of the dry dough mixture on top and then pour the cream all over it. Finally, sprinkle it very lightly with cinnamon. Another option is to put cut pieces of butter on top instead of cream. Bake at approx.180-200°C.

On behalf of the Jiřák and Náplavka Farmers Market
Šárka Sedláčková

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