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We would like to inform you about the recent development of the FM Jiřák: After the cancellation of the open competition by the Council of the City district Prague 3, the Council has accepted and approved the proposal of councillor Bellu in order for the FM Jiřák to be organized by the public limited company of Prague 3 – Správa zbytkového majetku, a.s.
Based on this fact, we wrote and sent this letter to all the representatives of the City Hall. We have tried to explain all the risks of the farmer’s market being taken over by a company without any experience with organization of such markets. The councillor, Mr. Bellu, is mistaken if he lists the farmer’s market in Prague 6 as an example of a successful case. Even there, the market is organized by a civic society, not a public limited company of the City Hall. The only market that has ever been taken over and maintained by a city hall (as suggested for the FM Jiřák by Mr. Bellu) is the farmer’s market “na Kubáni” in Prague 10, which has permanently been at loss (1,326 million in the year 2015), the number of both farmers and visitors has dropped and since the takeover has to be subsidized by the City Hall of Prague 10. (see here)

Since we don’t want this to happen to the FM Jiřák, we have offered the following proposal to the mayor and councillor Bellu, which we, considering the current situation, regard as sensible. The result or other potential resolution could be heard at a meeting called for by the mayor due to the petition that will happen on Tuesday, January 24th at 15:00 at the City district of Prague 3.


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