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Dear friends, on the base of the article from 4.4.2014 (please be aware of it being in Czech):  http://byznys.lidovky.cz/zmizi-trhy-z-namesti-jiriho-z-podebrad-radnice-chce-vic-penez-p52-/moje-penize.aspx?c=A140404_102459_moje-penize_mev – we want to respond to your interest in destiny of Easter fest and other spring – early summer festivals at Jiřák’s FM. The council of Prague 3 (‘Rada MČ Praha 3’) denied  (the link to the official denial is to be seen below, in Czech only) the request for appropriation of space for the thematic festivals mentioned. The reason the council adduced is following: ‘… current size of the market … satisfyingly ensures the possibility of realizing events mentioned in the request.’ Nevertheless, according to our experience, festivals such as Easter fest, Spring herbal fest, Rosy May, Strawberry fest cannot be realized within the standart market because of technical reasons. Festivals mentioned above are traditionally accompanied by live music, kids’ workshop, culinary or crafty products-processing, stalls of direct cultivators. How would we fit all in? We wrote our point of view down and sent the Council a letter on the 3rd of April (to be seen below, in Czech only) – that’s all we as an apolitical organization can do. The City of Prague 3 (‘MČ Praha 3′) runs the market, we’re only an NGO authorized to organize and secure it. We do respect the Council’s decision. Furthermore, we’ve always highly appreciated the support of the City of Prague 3 when it comes to the cause of farmers’ markets, the support of Czech products and direct producers. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hoping for your understanding.

Desicion of the Council of Prague 3 on the Jiřák’s festivals HERE

Report of the reason of denial HERE




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