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How was Pink May? Pink!


When at 6:40 in the morning I saw through the dark window descending sheets of water, I didn’t go back to sleep and instead prayed until about 10:00 that it would stop. Luckily our prayers were answered, the rain ceased, the overcast sky started to part, and in the end the sun began to shine. The Jiřák Farmers Market ran at full blast and groups started to form around artists from the Fler.cz family, the largest being at the glassmaker, who was powering a large propane tank. The brave glassmaker Mr. Douša blew and hand-rotated glass while visitors, including children, couldn’t peel their eyes away. The sun drenched the entire square, and the tones of cymbals could be heard from “Galán” of Tvrdonice and the folk dance ensemble “Svéráz”. In addition to the incredible sounds of cymbals, fiddles, and violins, we were amazed to see the male choirs and the Tvrdonice folk costumes. Dancers taught folk dance steps while the first swing group was getting ready among them. At this time the winemakers were already pouring, giving out samples as the square slowly filled. Some were dancing, others were drinking and enjoying food; another was simply lying on a blanket relaxing on the grass. Swing music, wine and singing continued until 10:00 at night. I think that everyone had a thoroughly good time!

Jiří Sedláček

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