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Let’s enjoy beauty and delicateness of the plants and flowers no matter if they come from meadow, glasshouse or seedbed. The farmer’s market which is taking place on May 14th is going to be flooded by flowers which turns it over to sweet-smelling, May, pink and green…market.
We will introduce you amazing and patient work of Czech florists of three generations as well as tastes and smells and other further ways how to use flowers including those with healing effects.

The farmer’s market at Jiřák is well known for fresh cut flowers and meadow flowers from local resources from Polabí. You are not going to find there a single flower imported from Africa or Holland. Besides regular farmer’s market there are going to be:


Home-made florist’s shop

Bystrý family’s Florist ‘shop from Dřís

Meadow florist Monika Rejšková


Herbs and plants from Kostkovy family


Vases and pitchers from Czech glass factory named Kavalier

Vietnamese and Japanese gastronomy

Rosé and fruit wines

Lavender wine

Japanese cherry syrup

Chocolate with flowers

Natural cosmetics

Ice cream factory Creme de la Creme offering rose ice cream

Jams made of rose and violets

And many others….

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